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How to Find Candidates: Leveraging Public Web Data for Recruitment

How to Find Candidates Leveraging Public Web Data for Recruitment
Andrius Ziuznys

Andrius Ziuznys

October 17, 2023

Every HR professional and recruiter is on a perpetual hunt, eyes keenly peeled for top-tier talent.

But in a world filled with potential candidates, how does one sift through the noise to uncover those gems who are not just qualified but are also ready and ripe for a career move?

How to find good candidates?

In the world of recruitment, the traditional methods of finding candidates - job boards, recruitment agencies, and networking - are essential but not always efficient. So, how do you upgrade your arsenal?

The transformation begins with integrating data-driven approaches. In the forest of potential hires, public web data serves as your enhanced tracking system, illuminating the path to candidates who are not just skilled but are also aligned with your organizational culture and goals.

For instance, Coresignal’s employee data highlights the professional journeys, skills, and experiences of potential candidates, while job posting data reveals the landscapes where these candidates are most likely to be found. 

It’s a harmonious synthesis of precision and insight, ensuring that every step you take is informed and strategic.

So, to find good candidates, you’re not just relying on your instincts but are also empowered with data that is rich, accurate, and relevant. 

It’s a blend of the art of intuition and the science of data - a combination that ensures your hunt is not just successful but also efficient and impactful.

Unearthing passive candidates ready for change

Among potential candidates, there are those who are actively seeking new opportunities and those who are content in their current roles. 

These content individuals are known as the "passive candidates."

But how do you identify these hidden gems? The signals are subtle. 

A sudden increase in their professional networking, a spike in their activity on professional forums, or their presence at industry conferences can all be indicators of readiness for change.

Here’s where Coresignal steps into the narrative. With our rich datasets, including employee data, you can transform your recruitment strategy. 

With some technical know-how, you can use the data in a way that shows certain signals of profile updates that may be an indication that the passive talent is ready for an interview.

How to find good candidates

Candidate search for tech roles

In the tech world, the hunt intensifies. Tech workers are usually one of the most sought-after candidates by many recruiters. How do you find candidates with the niche skills, innovative mindset, and adaptability that tech roles demand?

Public web data emerges as the silent observer, capturing the digital footprints of these candidates. 

It unveils the forums they frequent, the content they engage with, and the networks they are part of. But how do you decode this data to transform it into actionable insights?

Unraveling the data with developer data

Coresignal’s developer data steps in as a powerful ally in this search, especially when you’re going into tech recruitment. 

With over 1 billion data records from platforms like GitHub, recruiters are equipped with a detailed map of the candidate’s professional landscape.

Imagine having a lens that not only spots the candidates but also zooms into their skills, projects, and contributions. Developer data is that lens. 

It provides publicly available data points, such as bio, location, repositories, projects, and more, offering a comprehensive view of the developer’s technical prowess and professional journey.

Tailoring outreach strategies

In the world of tech, where innovation is rapid, and skills are diverse, generic outreach strategies are as effective as going into a forest blindfolded.

Developer data allows recruiters to tailor their outreach strategies, making them personal and relevant. It’s like a compass that points directly to the candidates who are not just skilled but are also aligned with the specific technical and cultural ethos of your organization.

Mapping skills and contributions

What sets Coresignal’s developer data apart is its ability to offer a full picture of the developer. It’s not just about the skills listed on a resume but also about the projects contributed to, the innovations pioneered, and the communities engaged with. 

When seeking tech talent, this depth of insight is crucial if you’re looking to find someone who will fit in your organization.

Building a future talent pipeline

With developer data, recruiters are not just filling current vacancies but are also building a talent pipeline for the future. 

It’s about spotting potential future candidates, tracking their growth, skills development, and contributions. Having a future-focused lens ensures that your recruitment strategy is not just responsive but also proactive.

Candidate search for tech roles

Using public web data to find the best candidates

In today’s dynamic and competitive job market, leveraging public web data has become a cornerstone for recruiters aiming to attract top-tier talent. 

This vast reservoir of information, accessible and abundant, provides invaluable insights that can significantly enhance recruitment strategies.

A rich source of insights

Public web data encompasses a wide range of information, from professional employee data to job postings and beyond. 

It’s a goldmine of fresh data that offers a more holistic view of candidates, going beyond the confines of resumes and cover letters to reveal a richer, more nuanced picture of their skills, experiences, and professional trajectories.

At Coresignal, we have many different datasets for different use cases. However, in terms of candidate search, several stand out.

Job posting data helps recruiters understand the current market demands and trends. In contrast, employee and developer data offer detailed insights into individual candidates’ skills, experiences, and technical proficiencies.

Tailoring recruitment strategies

The utilization of public web data enables recruiters to tailor their strategies with precision. It’s about personalizing outreach efforts, aligning job roles with candidates’ specific skills and experiences, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the recruitment process. 

In a world filled with data, the ability to extract, analyze, and apply these insights practically distinguishes successful recruitment campaigns from the rest.

The competitive edge

In essence, the strategic use of public web data equips recruiters with a competitive edge. It transforms the recruitment process from a transactional interaction into a strategic engagement, ensuring that organizations not only attract but also retain top-tier talent in a competitive market landscape.

Why should organizations consider outsourcing data for candidate search instead of gathering it in-house? 

The answer lies in efficiency, expertise, and the enhanced quality of data that companies like Coresignal provide.

Efficiency and expertise

Collecting, cleaning, and analyzing vast amounts of public web data is a complex and time-consuming task. 

It requires specialized skills, tools, and technology to transform huge amounts of data into aggregated, actionable datasets. 

Coresignal has honed these processes over the years, ensuring that the data delivered is not only accurate but also relevant and ready to use.

Access to refined data

Coresignal’s APIs, including the Employee API, offer a streamlined way to access relevant data. Recruiters can easily filter records by various data points such as title, experience, education, and more. 

This customization ensures that the data aligns with specific recruitment needs, enabling recruiters to focus on engaging potential candidates rather than sifting through unrefined data.

Cost-effective solution

Outsourcing data also proves to be cost-effective. Building and maintaining an in-house system for data collection and analysis can incur significant costs in terms of technology, labor, and time. 

Coresignal provides a ready-to-use solution, eliminating the need for organizations to invest in developing their own data-gathering and processing infrastructure.

Up-to-date information

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, having access to fresh data is crucial. Coresignal ensures that the data provided is current, offering recruiters an up-to-date view of the candidate landscape. 

This timeliness enhances the responsiveness of recruitment strategies, ensuring that opportunities to engage top-tier talents are never missed.

Focus on core activities

By outsourcing data, organizations can focus on their core activities. With the data gathering and processing handled by Coresignal, recruiters can dedicate their time and resources to engaging candidates, building relationships, and enhancing the overall candidate experience.

outsourcing data for candidate search


As you venture deeper into the forest of recruitment, remember, that the tools and strategies you employ define the success of your hunt. 

Coresignal is not just a tool but an ally, a companion that empowers your journey, ensuring that every candidate you find is not just a catch but a gem, ready and ripe for the opportunities you offer.

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