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sales data

Data for sales intelligence

  • Gain actionable insights for competitive advantage
  • Enable informed decision-making
  • Enhance lead generation processes
  • Predict purchase intent
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Main sales intelligence use cases

Lead enrichment

Harness web data for comprehensive lead enrichment, enhancing the effectiveness of your sales efforts. Integrate diverse datasets to deepen your understanding of potential leads, tailoring approaches to their specific needs and interests.

Account-based selling

Harness web data for advanced account-based selling, refining your targeting and personalization strategies. Understand the specific needs, challenges, and decision-making processes of key accounts. Enable a more tailored sales engagement.

B2B intent data

Utilize web data to capture and analyze B2B intent data, sharpening your business-to-business engagement strategy. Identify purchase intent of potential business clients. Discover high-intent prospects, enabling tailored engagement and strategically positioning your offerings in alignment with their current and emerging needs.

Search for sales opportunities by:

  • Company industry
  • Company category
  • Company size
  • Company location
  • Job title
  • Technology name
  • Revenue

And 100+ more data points

884M data updates a month

Outmatch your competitors by being the first to notice potential sales opportunities. The most popular datasets in our database are refreshed daily, while others are updated monthly. API database is refreshed every 6 hours.

Data from best sources

Get high-quality data from the most trusted sources out there, tailored for your specific use case. Some of our data sources include Glassdoor, Crunchbase, Trustpilot, and more. Leverage the most relevant data to close your next best sales opportunity.

Unparalleled expertise

We've been in the market for 8 years and counting, signifying our longevity and expertise in the data industry. You can rest assured that your data needs will be handled by professionals and the data you receive will be fresh and of high quality,

Boost your sales efforts

Contact us and we will find a tailored solution for your goals.

Our data offer for sales intelligence

Firmographic data

Group and target companies by size, industry, category, age, and other data points. Generate lists of potential leads and enhance your account-based marketing campaigns.

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Employee data

Track talent movement and changes in key roles with public employee data. Utilize data points such as position title, location, and company name for personalized outreach.

Technographic data

Understand the technology stack of your prospects. Identify opportunities for upsell and cross-sell, and tailor your sales pitches to meet the specific needs of each prospect.

Options to get data for sales

Raw datasets

You can choose between several choices: direct download via link, Google Cloud Storage, and AWS S3.

Database API

Use our self-service tool to find relevant data records in seconds. Access our professional network datasets and download them in structured JSON.

Why 400+ clients choose Coresignal

In the market since 2016

Coresignal was one of the first companies in the market. Now, our team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals.

Reliable and convenient delivery

We offer data in multiple formats, flexible delivery frequency and ensure transparent information about data operations to our clients.

Exceptional client support

Get the most out of your data with the help of Coresignal's dedicated account managers. We value long-term relationships and strive to provide quick support.

Unlock new business opportunities with Coresignal. Let’s get in touch.

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