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Company funding data

Make better investment decisions based on accurate company funding data. Funding data provides insights on the funding rounds and amounts raised by a particular company. Our financial data also includes information on specific investment stages and investors leading these investments.

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Generate business opportunities

Identify recently funded companies that might be looking for tools and services to boost financial performance and unlock further growth. With our financial data, make enhanced business decisions and investments.


Screen investment candidates

Leverage Coresignal’s alternative data to identify promising companies that are hungry for the next investment. Data points from categories such as investor information and company identifiers can help you make sure valuable opportunities aren’t missed.


Better understand market landscape

Coresignal provides financial data such as funding round information, acquisition information, investor information that’s ideal for market research and analysis. Financial data coupled with AI and ML models will give you an in-depth understanding of the market landscape within a given industry.

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Main data fields

Aside from company identifiers such as its name and website address, here are some examples of the data fields you will find in our funding data.

Information Description Example values*
last_funding_date Date of the last funding round raised 2014-10-01
acquired_by Name of the acquiring company Nowtrex
acquisition_price Price of the acquisition 7500000
investor_name Name of the investing company Silus Partners
investments_year Year and type of investment round that the individual investor participated in 2018 Seed
investments_company Name of the company that the individual investor funded Guardtime

Please note that some example values were changed for clarity. For more information on all available data fields, their corresponding sources and data samples please contact sales.

Financial data for investors

Investors use our financial data as an alternative data source to extract operational insights on things such as cash flow, and the financial health of a company. This information allows them to understand and uncover deeper business environment insights that may aid in investment decisions.

Alternative data for lead generation

Stay ahead of your competitors with rich alternative data from multiple financial data sources. Coresignal’s up-to-date economic data sets make it possible to train AI-based tools, connecting investment analysis experts to businesses faster than ever before.

Harness the power of financial datasets

Investors also use our public resume, company financial data and startup funding data to screen startups and industries showing early signs of growth. Economic datasets and data fields in categories such as funding round information, and acquisition information provide investors with data ready for investment analysis.

Benefits of financial data

Financial statements can provide revelatory insights and help businesses and investors to:  

  • Offer better debt management
  • Manage liabilities
  • Identify trends
  • Remain compliant with auditing standards
  • Track financial health

Ultimately, financial data can provide insight into whether a company can continue to make significant investments without compromising its ability to operate (i.e. keeping costs relatively low while yielding high ROI). 

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