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  • Analyze recruiting strategies
  • Discover tech tools in job descriptions
  • Valuable for investing, lead generation, and HR intelligence
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Data PointsExample Values
Title Senior Software Developer
Salary$35,000.00 - $50,000.00
	"id": 127844920,
	"created": "2023-03-06 07:46:54",
	"last_updated": "2023-03-06 08:46:46",
	"time_posted": "1 hour ago",
	"title": "Assistant Supervisor",
	"description": "Position Summary\nAn Assistant Supervisor is responsible for keeping operators engaged and focused on their stations, as well as other general leadership tasks.",
	"seniority": "Entry level",
	"employment_type": "Full-time",
	"location": "Dallas, TX",
	"url": "",
	"hash": "778e4718428f50d2a16a50ca641a14b9",
	"company_id": 4132391,
	"company_name": "Stealth Monitoring, Inc.",
	"company_url": "",
	"external_url": null,
	"deleted": 0,
	"application_active": 1,
	"salary": "USD 19-24 HOUR",
	"applicants_count": "Be among the first 25 applicants",
	"website_job_id": 3510008536,
	"country": "United States",
	"last_updated_ux": 1678092406,
	"redirected_url": "",
	"redirected_url_hash": "778e4718428f50d2a16a50ca641a14b9",
	"job_functions_collection": [{
		"id": 81298562,
		"job_id": 127844920,
		"function_id": 32113,
		"deleted": 0,
		"created": "2023-03-06 07:46:54",
		"last_updated": "2023-03-06 07:46:54",
		"job_function_list": {
			"id": 32113,
			"created": "2022-08-11 06:13:27",
			"last_updated": "2022-08-11 06:13:27",
			"function": "Management, Customer Service, and Research",
			"hash": "0fd33375dafd2085051f2db8fc097fb0"
	"job_industries_collection": [{
		"id": 117452100,
		"job_id": 127844920,
		"industry_id": 43,
		"deleted": 0,
		"created": "2023-03-06 07:46:54",
		"last_updated": "2023-03-06 07:46:54",
		"job_industry_list": {
			"id": 43,
			"created": "2020-08-14 14:11:51",
			"last_updated": "2020-08-14 14:11:51",
			"industry": "Security and Investigations",
			"hash": "40f58754ae56accdf8a3b5db4e82999b"

What is job posting data?

Job posting data is information about online job ads posted by companies. It provides you with data points such as job title, description, seniority, salary, and more. It's parsed, accurate, and ready to use. This data is available as a flat file or accessible via Jobs API.

Top job posting data sources

Job posting data is divided between multiple datasets, each one corresponding to its respective data source.

Professional network

Largest Professional Network

Data from the largest professional network consists of over 243M job records and provides you with data points such as job title, location, employment type, job description, required skills, and more.

See more

Indeed Jobs

Indeed Jobs data consists of over 162M records and provides you with data points such as title, company, location, description, company reviews, and more.

See more

Glassdoor Jobs

Glassdoor Jobs data consists of over 7M records and provides you with data points such as job title, company name, location, salary range, and more.

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Other job posting data sources

Job posting data use cases

Get extensive fresh and historical data about talent and jobs. Identify changes in the career landscape. Notice the emerging labor market trends. Enrich your current employee database.

Industry/company benchmarking

Competitive analysis

Job posting data can also provide insights into the recruiting strategies of competitors. Investors and HR tech companies can use this information to identify companies that are expanding or hiring in new areas.

Talent sourcing

Improve your talent search efficiency with a high-quality, regularly updated employee dataset. Identify candidates who are most likely to change their jobs. Match jobs with the best candidates.

Evaluate and track company performance

Talent mapping

Analyze fresh and historical data to get a better view of the talent landscape. Pinpoint the strong and weak points of each candidate. Identify skill proficiency and gaps. See how the candidates rate their CEO and their workplace.

Purchase intent visual

Technographic insights

By checking the job descriptions, you can extract information about the technology and software companies are working with. It helps to determine the technological strengths and weaknesses that could enhance investment intelligence.

Flexible data delivery options

When buying datasets, you can select data formats, delivery methods, and frequency that are convenient for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

How is job posting data collected?

We collect job posting data from 5 public web sources and put it into several job posting databases. Different data sources have separate datasets of respective job posting records.

What are Coresignal's job posting data sources?

Coresignal's job posting data sources include the largest professional network, Indeed, Glassdoor, Wellfound, and more.

Who uses job posting data?

Coresignal's job posting data is popular among companies working in the HR tech, sales intelligence, investment, and market research industries.

What can you do with job posting data?
  • Get job posting data records at scale
  • Extract insights about companies' hiring activities
  • Build a fuller picture of companies' strategic moves
  • Track the growth of selected companies
  • Identify intent signals
How secure is the data?

Data security is one of the main priorities. We store data in a protected dataset to avoid breaches and leaks of sensitive information.

What is the value/benefits of job posting data?

Job posting data helps recruiters, investors, and businesses make better-informed, data-driven decisions. Getting jobs data at scale enables teams across the globe to build new HR tech tools, perform in-depth analysis, and extract signals relevant to their business.