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Job postings data

Track the growth of selected companies and their teams or identify potential locations to which a company plans to expand with job postings data. Our job postings data makes it possible to extract insights on the current and historical company hiring activities that can help build a fuller picture of its strategic moves.

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Unlock business opportunities

Job postings data offers unique job market insights, helping generate more business opportunities. Among other use cases, job postings can be leveraged to identify and evaluate buying intent for B2B products from the skill set or position that the company is looking for.


Capture company or industry traction

Job listings and job descriptions help investors enhance their decisions by making it possible to filter companies that are reaching the next growth phase by expanding their talent pool to particular areas. At a larger scale of analysis, this data can be leveraged to forecast market trends and predict the growth of specific industries.


Gain strategic competitive insights

Coresignal’s job posting datasets complemented with historical job posting data provide decision-makers with an opportunity to generate industry-wide competitive insights. Analyze and predict where and how a competitor is expanding its presence and operations in the near term

Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Main data fields

Aside from company identifiers such as its name and website address, here are some examples of other data fields you will find in our job postings data.

Information Description Example values*
title Job position title Senior Software Developer
location Location of the job position Tokyo
employment _type Type of employment of the job ad full-time
company_open_position_count Number of open job positions in the company 7
description Text body of the job ad describing the position You will be working on improving and maintaining performance flows of the existing product. [...]

Please note that some example values were changed for clarity. For more information on all available data fields, their corresponding sources, and data samples please contact sales.

Job postings data for investment intelligence

Enhance your decisions and analysis with Coresignal’s fresh and historical datasets. Historical job posting data is particularly useful as it allows to better understand expansion trends, analyze hiring practices, and predict company or industry growth rates, enabling the extraction of actionable strategic and operational insights.

Rich data for lead generation

From lead generation tools for individuals or for companies, Coresignal’s job postings datasets are ideal for lead generation and determining purchasing intent. In B2B sales, job postings can also help identify the best moment to approach a prospective client.

Benefits of job postings data 

Job posting data helps recruiters, investors, and businesses make better-informed, data-driven decisions. Some benefits of job posting data include:

  • Boosting investment analysis
  • Enhancing decision making
  • Improving lead generation
  • Identifying industry trends

Coresignal’s job postings data includes data fields such as company identifiers, job posting information, and employer information. Together, these data points can help paint a larger picture of a businesses’ operations, growth rate, and more. From lead generation to HR intelligence and market research, job postings data can help you discover unprecedented business opportunities.

Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

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