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Employee data

  • Parsed, clean & accurate data
  • Delivery in JSON
  • Title, experience, education, and more data points
  • Valuable for investment, lead generation, and HR.
Employee data
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4 employee data sources


660M employee records

continuous updates

Always fresh, updated data

Top employee data sources

Largest Professional Network

Data from the largest professional network consists of over 589M employee records and provides you with data points such as name, location, job title, experience, skills, employment length, and more.

AngelList People

AngelList People data consists of over 12M records and provides you with data points such as name, position, school, bio, experience, and more.

Crunchbase People

Crunchbase People data consists of over 1.6M records and provides you with data points such as name, job title, starting date, investment list, and more.

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What is employee data?

Employee data is information about professionals consisting of data points such as name, experience, education, active title, location, connections, skills, and more. With this data, you can generate investment signals, enhance talent sourcing, and improve lead generation.

The data is collected from the most popular public web sources such as AngelList, Crunchbase, and more.

Main data fields example

Aside from company identifiers such as its name and website address, here are some examples of the other data fields you will find in our employee data.

Information Description Example values
name Full member name Jane Doe
location Location of the member New York, NY
connections Number of connections 235
position_title Current job title Account Manager
institution_name Name of the educational institution Northeast University
skill_name Name of the skill Product development

Investment signal generation

Public employee data for investors can help track talent movement for emerging business opportunities. Employee data fields such as professional experience, education, and connections, combined with firmographic data, show movements between companies and reveal company or industry-wide trends

investment signal generation visual

Talent sourcing

Employee data can be leveraged to source the best-fit talent for your recruitment needs by providing up-to-date information on qualified candidates globally. Data points such as employment length, location, position title, and description can take your data-driven recruitment efforts to a new level. 

talent sourcing visual

Lead generation and data enrichment

Fuel your lead generation pipeline with over 660M member records. Coresignal’s employee data is used for developing a qualified list of prospective clients and new contacts. Our alternative data for business can also provide you with additional data points on new clients and leads, enriching your own database. 

data sources visual

Employee data use cases

investment intelligence


Track all the talent movement in your target markets to discover new and promising companies.

lead generation

Employee lead generation

Source all the relevant decision-makers with our fresh business professional database.

data-driven recruitment


Dive into our pool of hundreds of millions of records to empower your talent acquisition efforts.

Data delivery


Tell us what you need

First, we discuss your specific needs. Optionally, we can offer a sample dataset. Then, you can either request the full dataset or data specific to selected countries and regions.


Get the requested data

The requested data is then uploaded in CSV or JSON formats as a web link or a file, directly to your preferred data storage.


Keep it fresh

Outdated data loses relevance. With Coresignal, get monthly or quarterly data updates.

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Lead generation client

"We are using Coresignal to enrich our AI platform for Sales Pipeline Growth. We proactively recommend sales-ready opps, interested buyers, warm intros, and trusted actions, which results in +25% in net new pipeline in 2 months, and +40% after 6 months."

Transparent Quote

Venture capital client

"Before we started working with Coresignal, the percentage of investments that we made that had data influence was around 2% and currently it’s around 65%."

Transparent Quote

Sales tech client

"We chose Coresignal because of the coverage and the data freshness and ability to extend to other data sources."

Why Coresignal?


In the market since 2016

Rely on our team of the most experienced web data extraction professionals.

accurate data

Employee demographics

Get employee name, location, country, and industry data from high-quality sources.

account managers

Employee qualifications

Find the information on employee education, name of the institution, and degree.

rich data

Work experience

See previous job titles and companies where the employee had worked before.


Employee skills information

Gather intelligence into the employee's skills and find the best talent.

json file

Employment length

Look into the start and end dates of the employee's previous roles for a more complete picture..

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

Frequently asked questions

How is employee data collected?

We collect employee data from various public web sources and put it into several employee databases. Different data sources have separate datasets of respective employee records.

What are Coresignal's employee data sources?

Coresignal's employee data sources include AngelList, Crunchbase, and more.

Who uses employee data?

Coresignal’s employee database is used by HR professionals, investors, and lead generation companies.

What are the types of employee data?

There are many types of employee data that varies based on perspective. The main ones are personnel information, employment details, job details, skills inventory, and salary data. Also, surveys to measure employee engagement could count as a type of employee data. With Coresignal, you can get data points such as employee name, location, connections, position title, education, skills, and more.

What can you do with employee data?

You can conduct data analysis. However, the angles of the analysis differ between departments. Human resources use it for HR processes, such as talent sourcing. Investors use it to generate investment signals based on talent movement. Lead generation companies use it to provide clients with ICP leads.

How secure is the data?

Data security is one of the main priorities. We store data in a protected dataset to avoid breaches and leaks of sensitive information. 

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