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Technographic data

Our technographic data provides an overview of company technological stacks, and the traction and adaptation of specific technologies and tools. Technographics can boost your lead generation and market insights with data fields such as company tech stack information or tool and technology online mentions.

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Generate business opportunities

With technographic data, identify potential business opportunities by finding companies that adopt similar solutions to the ones that you offer. Technographics can help your marketing and sales teams hone in on your ideal customer so you can target accounts that will generate more qualified leads.


Measure traction and popularity

Discover up-and-coming technologies with technographic data. Coresignal’s firmographic and technographic data is ideal for extracting information on technologies, tools, and software that are well-received or gaining market traction.


Evaluate technological capacities

Technographics allow you to closely examine company technological stacks, allowing you to generate insights on the technical capacity and skill sets at a particular company. Our always fresh technographic data, coupled with technographic segmentation, gives your competitor analysis and opportunity identification a competitive edge.

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Main data fields

Aside from company identifiers such as its name and website address, here are some examples of the other data fields you will find in our technographic data.

Information Description Example values*
stack_lists_count Number of stack lists for a specific company 6
features Names of features that a company promotes promoted-jobs
num_companies_using Number of companies using the tool/technology 443821
pros List of pros for the tool Scrum friendly
stacks _count Number of stacks this tool appears in 617

Please note that some example values were changed for clarity. For more information on all available data fields, their corresponding sources, and data samples please contact sales.

Technographic data for businesses

With technographic data, businesses can boost lead generation, improve account-based marketing strategies, and track their competitors. Our tool and technology information as well as tool and technology online mentions, offer an opportunity for rich insights on technology used in your industry.

Technographics for investors

Harness the power of data-driven investing with technographic data. Coresignal’s technographic data, which includes data fields such as stack names, features, and integrations, can help investors prioritize prospects and identify market trends.

What are technographics?

Technographic data refers to analyzing ownership and usage of technology by a particular company. Similar to firmographic data, data representing the demographics of people and company information, technographics aims to represent the demographics of companies’ technological stacks. For example, businesses are able to utilize technographic data to learn more about the hardware and software usage of competitors, potential clients, and startups.

Benefits of technographic data 

As companies increasingly turn to technological solutions for their business needs, investors, sales and marketing teams, and developers are finding robust market and industry insights with technographic data. Here are a few of the benefits of technographics: 

  • Extract competitive insights
  • Boost investment intelligence
  • Improve lead generation

Ultimately, understanding your competitors or potential partners technology stack can help you make better data-driven decisions. 

Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

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