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Web data use cases for competitive analysis

Detailed competitor analysis with web data

Research competitor strategies

Analyze market trends and identify opportunities for product differentiation and improvement using the insights gained from competitor analysis. Get a clearer picture of the competitive landscape by analyzing firmographic and funding data, employee and product reviews, job postings, and more.

Top data points: active_job_postings, job_listing_location, product_name, product_rating

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Identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Gain insights into competitors' strategies, strengths, and weaknesses by analyzing company growth trends (historical data), funding data, employee reviews, product ratings, and more. This comprehensive analysis allows for a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

Top data points: headcount, average_tenure, team_composition, revenue,company_pros, company_cons, product_rating, company_rating, active_job_postings

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Detailed competitor analysis with web data
Top source for company information

Discover their growth areas

See what opportunities your competition is betting on by analyzing data such as active job postings, team composition and expansion trends, successful products, and more.

Top data points: headcount, last_round_money_raised, last_round_type,active_job_postings, job_listing_location, employees, product_rating

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Database API

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Company data features

All-in-one company dataset for competitive analysis

Power your product or analysis with multi-source data on 35M+ unique companies. The unmatched level of detail in every record, over 300 data points, allows you to extract unique insights and gain a panoramic understanding of businesses worldwide. This multi-source dataset also contains additional data fields with insights powered by AI and years of historical data.

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Data strategy consultant Ugnius Zasimauskas
Ugnius Zasimauskas
Data Strategy Consultant

Neglecting to validate your data is a trajectory towards eventual failure. Similarly, limiting your evaluation to a single dataset without benchmarking it against others fails to provide insights into its quality or deficiencies. Without such comparative analysis, discerning the adequacy or inadequacy of your dataset remains unattainable.