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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of data do you provide?

We provide fresh raw alternative data on millions of professionals and companies from all over the world. Find more information here or contact sales for a free consultation.

How much data do you offer?

We offer 600M people profiles and 92M company profiles with 291M records updated each month across all datasets.

How many data points do you have?

There are around 2k total data points throughout all of the sources. For a more specific breakdown, please contact sales.

How many data sources do you provide?

We offer datasets from 20 data sources.

Where is the data collected from?

The data is gathered from various public online sources with our own fully controlled operation.

How do I know if the data is really fresh?

There are two main ways for us to demonstrate data freshness. We can either send you a file with detailed overall statistics or we can check the freshness of a particular dataset you'd like to get based on the criteria that you specify.

How often and how do you update the data?

The data we offer is refreshed on an ongoing basis. We refresh most of our datasets fully every month. There are many variables we consider and they often change depending on the scraping speed we can achieve with the resources available at the time.

Our main goal is to update the whole database as often as possible. In the case of people data we also add the newly registered professionals. We set priorities for every profile we have and they are based on variables that help indicate the value of the profile, such as its activity level.

How do you store data?

We store people data in a MySQL database and use Couchbase for company data.

How do you deliver data?

We offer a MySQL database export in one of the two formats: in CSV or JSON (with a database structure file).

Do you have emails or phone numbers in your database?

No, we don't offer emails or phone numbers. We only hold publicly available company data such as its name, website address, size, address, description, its specialties and industry. And in the case of people (professional) data we offer data points such as name, surname, work experience (including company names and positions), education, and various other information.

Do you provide access via an API?

Yes, we offer two different APIs. You may use Company data API to conveniently filter and retrieve records from our People and Company datasets or Real-Time API to put requests and retrieve freshly scraped records.

In what formats do you deliver data?

We provide the data in two formats - CSV and JSON.

Do you take custom enrichment requests?

Yes, we have a custom enrichment service. We take requests that are based on a profile URL extraction, or selection of a location.

What are the ways to get the data?

There are three options available. Download by using a web link or, alternatively, we can upload the file to your cloud servers. There's also an option to retrieve the needed data on your own by using our Company data API.

What historical data do you have?

We offer up to 40 months of historical data from 8 sources. For more information, please refer to our historical data page.

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