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Frequently asked questions


What data do you offer?

What kind of data do you provide?

We provide fresh and historical web data collected exclusively from public sources. For your convenience, there are multiple solutions for different data needs created for companies of all sizes.

You can purchase high-quality raw data at scale, retrieve only specific data records using an API or work with clean and aggregated data delivered in a CSV file.

What historical data do you have?

Historical data availability depends on the dataset and when we have started scraping it. It is also possible to get historical headcount data via API.

To learn about the availability of specific historical data, check the webpages of our data sources here or contact sales by clicking the button on the top right corner of the page to book a free consultation.

What data solutions do you provide?

We provide the following data solutions:

  • Raw data. Fresh and historical data from 20 sources in 8 categories;
  • APIs. Company API, Employee API, Jobs API, and Historical headcount API;
  • Startup Data. A constantly growing dataset about company founders with clean and aggregated data created specifically for investment companies.


Do you have emails or phone numbers in your database?

No, we don't have emails or phone numbers. We only hold publicly available data on companies and professionals.

How can I opt-out from Coresignal selling my data?

Updates and deliveries

How often and how do you update your data?

We fully refresh most of our datasets every month. The refresh rates depend on the scraping speed we can achieve with available resources. 

The database connected to our database APIs is refreshed every 6 hours.

What delivery frequency options do you offer?

Delivery options depend on the dataset.

We deliver most of our data monthly, but daily and quarterly deliveries can be set up for specific datasets.

Contact sales by clicking the button on the top right corner of the page for more information on the delivery frequency.

How do you deliver data to clients?

There are three ways how you can get data from us:

  • Download it using a web link;
  • Retrieve it after we upload the file to your cloud servers;
  • Retrieve it on your own using our APIs.

In what format do you deliver the data?

We offer data in three formats: JSON, JSONL, CSV, and Parquet.

Freshness and pricing

How do I know if the data is really fresh?

We can demonstrate the freshness of our data by sending you a file with statistics, or we can check the freshness of a specific dataset based on the criteria that you specify.

What is the pricing?

We offer multiple data solutions and flexible pricing based on different data needs, suitable for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

  • Datasets. Dataset pricing is determined by contract length, dataset locations, and source tier.
  • Database APIs. A free plan, a pay-as-you-go option, monthly plans, and annual plans.

Check out our pricing page or contact sales by clicking the button on the top right corner of the page for more information. 


What APIs do you offer?

Company API, Employee API, and Jobs API. These APIs allow you to conveniently search and get public web data records of members, companies, and jobs.

Historical headcount API to request and get data on the historical headcount of specific companies.

In what format will I get the data using your APIs?

Using our APIs, you will receive the data in JSON.

What is the API self-service tool?

The self-service API tool allows you to search and enrich data with instant access to 989M+ fresh company, employee, and job posting data records.

This semi-automated tool is an excellent way to explore our database, test our data, and get relevant data records on demand. It has a built-in search query builder and detailed tutorials that explain how you can get started and how you can use our APIs directly.

Here are some of the many functionalities it offers:

  • Buy API credits without talking to sales;
  • Explore our database and test our data;
  • Generate custom data samples;
  • Generate search queries in seconds and save them;
  • See our data dictionary and samples;
  • See and manage your credit balance.

How to buy API credits?

You can buy database API credits without talking to sales. The easiest way to buy a fixed number of credits is to sign up for the self-service tool and get a pay-as-you-go plan.

Contact our sales team if you're interested in monthly and annual plans, or have any other questions about API plans.

Trials and samples

Can I see Coresignal’s data before purchasing?

You can get access to our documentation, see our data statistics, or get a data sample from our website. If needed, we can provide you with a custom data sample.

If you'd like to explore our data at your pace, you can also access our employee, company, and job posting data via the API self-service tool with free credits.

When you're interested in buying data from us, we encourage you to ask questions. Share what information is needed for you to evaluate our data. We're ready to discuss options and provide the resources that would be most helpful in your case.

Do you offer a free API trial?

Yes, you can try our database APIs with 200 free credits.

Sign up to get started, and credits will be automatically added to your account.

Do you offer data samples?

Yes. Contact our sales representatives or fill out the form on one of our product pages to receive the data sample that you need.

Historical data

How much historical data do you have?

We have up to 5 years of historical data, depending on the dataset.

In what formats is the historical data available?

Historical data is available in CSV and JSON formats.*

*Historical headcount data is only available in CSV format.


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