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Unlock unprecedented opportunities with alternative data from 20 web sources. The following main factors determine the pricing of our raw datasets:

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of data do you provide?

We offer public web data collected with our own global operation. Our main data offering consists of employee and firmographic data spanning 8 web sources with hundreds of unique data points. Our full data offering includes a total of 8 data categories with 20 sources offered. For more information, be sure to check our data library.

How fresh is the data?

The data we offer is refreshed on an ongoing basis, and most of our datasets are updated every month. Using multiple criteria for prioritizing the most important records, we update ~274M high-value employee and company profiles monthly.

How do you deliver the data?

We deliver our data via a database export as well as via API. For raw data, we offer a MySQL database export in one of the two formats: in CSV or JSON (with a database structure file).

For receiving data via API, we offer Company data API to conveniently filter and retrieve records from our employee and firmographic datasets or Real-Time API to put requests and retrieve freshly scraped records.

Do you offer historical data?

Yes, we offer up to 40 months of historical data for 8 sources. For more specific information, please contact us via the inquiry form at the top of this page.

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