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Top US-based rising startups

Below you will find a list of US-based rising startups. The list includes companies founded in 2021 with the largest growth potential based on criteria such as funding and headcount growth.

Company nameIndustryEmployee countHeadquarters
Blockchain100Santa Monica, California, USA
Cloud Computing30New York, New York, USA
Blockchain4Dallas, Texas, USA
Business Intelligence (BI)90New York, New York, USA
Media Content Delivery5San Francisco, California, USA
Security Software11South San Francisco, California, USA
Blockchain35Austin, Texas, USA
Application Software5San Jose, California, USA
Fintech Software24Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Blockchain30New York, New York, USA
Publishing10New York, New York, USA
Fintech Software14Chicago, Illinois, USA
Artificial Intelligence (AI)10Seattle, Washington, USA
Identity Management25San Francisco, California, USA
Metal Ore Mining15Huntington Beach, California, USA
Health Care Technology10San Francisco, California, USA
Blockchain35New York, New York, USA
Blockchain4Miami, Florida, USA
Fintech Software32New York, New York, USA
Property Management Software6San Francisco, California, USA
Regulatory Compliance11Chicago, Illinois, USA
Fintech Software35San Francisco, California, USA
Security Software34Kirkland, Washington, USA
Business Support Services12San Francisco, California, USA
Game Development42San Francisco, California, USA
Health Care Technology12Los Angeles, California, USA
Health Care Technology8Aliso Viejo, California, USA
Health Care Technology20New York, New York, USA
Blockchain15New York, New York, USA
Business Intelligence (BI)7San Francisco, California, USA
Analytics10San Francisco, California, USA
Social Media5Miami, Florida, USA
Database Management12San Francisco, California, USA
Blockchain20New York, New York, USA
Marketing Services12Los Angeles, California, USA
Fintech Software10Santa Monica, California, USA
Life Sciences5Shelton, Washington, USA
HR Software-Singapore, Central Singapore, SG
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