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company employee review data

Explore employee sentiment with company employee review data

  • Familiarize yourself with company’s management style
  • See feedback on leadership teams
  • Identify potential risks
  • Valuable for investing and HR


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What is company employee review data?

Data Points Example Values
Company name Eagle Creek
Review summary I enjoy working with talented people
Author title Current employee - Consultant
Employment length More than 3 years
Rating overall 3.4
Rating CEO 71
Rating compensation 3.1
Rating culture 3.3

What is company employee review data?

Company employee review data is information about the internal environment of a company. It provides data points such as review summary, author title, company pros, company cons, overall ratings, and more. It's parsed, accurate, and ready to use. This data is available as a flat file, delivered in JSON.

Company employee review data sources

Company employee review data is divided between multiple datasets, each one corresponding to its respective data source.



Glassdoor data consists of over 28M records and provides you with data points such as author title, location, pros, cons, ratings, recommendations, and more.

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Indeed data consists of over 2M records and provides you with data points such as overall rating, review count, interview information, company culture info, and more.

Company employee review data use cases

Assessing company culture

Employee reviews provide valuable insights into the company's culture, management style, and work environment. This data can help investors determine whether the company is likely to attract and retain top talent, which can impact its long-term success.

Evaluating management

Employee reviews provide feedback on the company's leadership team, including their communication skills, decision-making abilities, and overall effectiveness. This information can help investors determine whether the company is being led in a way that will drive growth and profitability.

Identify potential risks

Employee reviews can highlight potential risks within the company, such as high turnover rates, low morale, or ethical concerns. By identifying these risks early on, investors can take steps to mitigate them before they impact the company's financial performance.

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Frequently asked questions

How is company employee review data collected?

We collect company employee review data from various public web sources and put it into several company employee review databases. Different data sources have separate datasets of respective company employee review records.

What are Coresignal's company employee review data sources?

Coresignal's company employee review data sources are Glassdoor and Indeed Companies.

Who uses company employee review data?

Coresignal's company employee review data is mostly used by investors.

What can you do with company employee review data?

You can conduct data analysis. However, the angles of analysis differ between use cases. For investment intelligence, you can find companies with excellent internal environment that are not going to crumble due to poor work culture. For market research, you can find companies with good and bad work cultures for comparative analyses.

How secure is the data?

Data security is one of the main priorities. We store data in a protected dataset to avoid breaches and leaks of sensitive information.

How to find employee reviews of a company?

Employee reviews are often found in company overview pages along with other key information about the company.


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