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employee data api

Unlock millions of professional profiles with Employee API

The Employee API gives you instant access to millions of employee data records from public web sources. Using this highly available API, you get relevant data from our database in structured JSON in seconds anytime.


Public employee data records

Flexible pricing

Credit-based plans with a PAYG option

Daily updates

The database is updated every 6 hours


Advanced full-text search

Effortless scalability

Designed to handle ever-growing data needs

Find relevant records in seconds

Ready-to-use employee data

JSON data sample
Search filters
    "id": 704765,
    "name": "John Doe",
    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Doe",
    "title": "Systems Lead",
    "url": "",
    "hash": "88dbfe746b9317becc4621ad6e2c7174",
    "location": "Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, United States",
    "industry": "Information Technology & Services",
    "summary": "Accomplished and authentic Systems Lead with over 10 years of experience in building and leading high performing teams through full application life-cycle and project management.",
    "connections": "500+ connections",
    "recommendations_count": "2",
    "last_response_code": 200,
    "created": "2016-07-22 16:21:43",
    "last_updated": "2023-08-21 17:19:52",
    "outdated": 0,
    "deleted": 0,
    "country": "United States",
    "connections_count": 65535,
    "experience_count": 3,
    "last_updated_ux": 1692638392,
    "member_shorthand_name": "john-doe",
    "member_shorthand_name_hash": "dd14c39f6e0164e33c5eb60263d1ae04",
    "canonical_url": "",
    "canonical_hash": "88dbfe746b9317becc4621ad6e2c7174",
    "canonical_shorthand_name": "john-doe",
    "canonical_shorthand_name_hash": "dd14c39f6e0164e33c5eb60263d1ae04",
    "member_also_viewed_collection": [
            "id": 15099880829,
            "member_id": 704765,
            "url": "",
            "title": "Student(in), Gymnasium",
            "location": "Freudenberg",
            "created": "2021-01-26 17:37:56",
            "last_updated": "2021-05-18 22:18:56",
            "deleted": 1
            "id": 23338222945,
            "member_id": 704765,
            "url": "",
            "title": "Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Medical University",
            "location": "United States",
            "created": "2022-04-27 06:30:45",
            "last_updated": "2023-08-21 17:19:52",
            "deleted": 0
    "member_awards_collection": [
            "id": 73954209,
            "member_id": 1150,
            "title": "Championship Award - Manufacturing Excellence",
            "issuer": "7th National CII Summit, CII - Avantha",
            "description": "

\n Awarded as the winner of Championship in Manufacturing Excellence under Large scale categories for the Project \"Low Cost Automation Trolleys in Under body Line\"\n

", "date": "October 2014", "created": "2020-12-14 07:47:50", "last_updated": "2021-08-13 18:54:01", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_certifications_collection": [ { "id": 245110704, "member_id": 1016, "name": "Wave Mobile Exploration Badge", "authority": "The Certification Authority", "url": "", "date_from": "February 2021", "date_to": null, "created": "2021-05-20 18:09:23", "last_updated": "2021-09-13 13:54:43", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_courses_collection": [ { "id": 7, "member_id": 626, "position": "Merit Co", "courses": "Ethical and Professional Pratices of Realtors;For Sale By Owner", "created": "2016-07-22 14:26:35", "last_updated": "2018-04-14 23:26:43", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_courses_suggestion_collection": [ { "id": 100410503, "member_id": 1016, "course_suggestion_id": 484, "created": "2019-12-07 22:07:19", "last_updated": "2020-06-22 21:19:23", "deleted": 1, "member_courses_suggestion_list": { "id": 484, "name": "Programming Foundations: Design Patterns", "hash": "83693adad0bdbf2f9ac6cc4363c17d21", "url": "", "created": "2019-11-04 12:24:21", "last_updated": "2019-11-04 12:24:21" } } ], "member_education_collection": [ { "id": 239, "member_id": 534, "title": "The University of Applied Sciences", "subtitle": "MSc, Biostatistics", "date_from": "2001", "date_to": "2011", "activities_and_societies": "

Activities and Societies: > NCC B certificate, 40 min flying in a microlight aircraft as a co-pilot, A 14 days NCC camp\n> 3 months trained for Wing Chun Kung Fu marshal art l\n> 3 blogs in blogger explaining the problems of Statistics

", "description": "

> Topped 1st, 2nd and 4th Semester of MSc Biostatistics with Distinction. Aggregate topper of the first batch of MSc Biostatistics

> PG Seminar on \"Mutation and Evolution\" and \"Introduction to Drug Discovery and various strategies emphsizing use of Combinatorial Chemistry\" and Final year project on \"Preclinical Trials on Swiss Albino mice to detect the CNS Activity of U.picta plant material\"

>Represented Dept of Statistics at the Student Interaction Session

>Successfully organized the Annual day of Statistics Dept

", "created": "2016-07-22 14:26:30", "last_updated": "2016-10-07 17:23:07", "deleted": 1, "school_url": null } ], "member_experience_collection": [ { "id": 2181273224, "member_id": 704765, "title": "Software Engineer", "location": null, "company_name": "IT Company", "company_url": "", "date_from": "April 2006", "date_to": "April 2009", "duration": "3 years 1 month", "description": null, "created": "2020-03-08 03:57:50", "last_updated": "2023-08-21 17:19:52", "deleted": 0, "order_in_profile": 2, "company_id": 3652437 }, { "id": 2512229773, "member_id": 704765, "title": "Sr Database Developer", "location": "Bellevue, Washington", "company_name": "The Data Operations Company", "company_url": "", "date_from": "January 2020", "date_to": "September 2020", "duration": "9 months", "description": "Development and Implementation of Training Software The Data Operations Company", "created": "2020-11-03 04:12:17", "last_updated": "2023-08-21 17:19:52", "deleted": 0, "order_in_profile": 1, "company_id": 9085969 } ], "member_groups_collection": [ { "id": 1094354891, "member_id": 1016, "name": "Alumni Global Network", "url": "", "created": "2020-09-06 04:51:48", "last_updated": "2021-12-17 06:15:14", "deleted": 0 } ], "member_interests_collection": [ { "id": 45050538, "member_id": 2819, "interest_id": 265752, "created": "2016-10-07 17:23:32", "last_updated": "2017-02-14 14:24:01", "deleted": 1, "member_interest_list": { "id": 265752, "interest": "creating music using software", "hash": "7a02f5487dda6b3f010ca0f9d40c9575", "created": "2016-10-07 17:23:32", "last_updated": "2016-10-07 17:23:32" } } ], "member_languages_collection": [ { "id": 4600, "member_id": 30094, "language_id": 9, "proficiency_id": 1, "created": "2016-07-22 14:49:35", "last_updated": "2021-12-10 12:12:24", "deleted": 0, "member_language_list": { "id": 9, "language": "español", "hash": "5d971adb0ba260af6a126a2ade4dd133", "created": "2016-07-22 14:26:10", "last_updated": "2016-07-22 14:26:10" } }, ], "member_organizations_collection": [ { "id": 59, "member_id": 4814, "organization": "IT Forum", "position": "Mentor", "description": "

IT Forum is a global community of practice to share knowledge about government and service management of Information Technology (IT).

", "date_from": "July 2014", "date_to": "July 2018", "created": "2016-07-22 14:31:48", "last_updated": "2018-12-19 04:30:04", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_patents_collection": [ { "id": 7971895, "member_id": 353105193, "title": "MICROPHONE CALIBRATION SYSTEM", "status_id": 1, "inventors": "John Doe, John Smith, Richard Miles", "date": "May 2, 2019", "url": "", "description": "Some embodiments are directed to a microphone calibration system (100) for multiple microphones (110), said microphones being arranged in an area in which moving objects pass the microphones. The system computes a first and second sound profile from first and second sound measurements, said first and second sound profiles being indicative of a calibration of the first and second microphones, and determines a need to calibrate the first or second microphone.", "valid_area": null, "created": "2022-11-19 19:50:49", "last_updated": "2022-11-19 19:50:49", "deleted": 0, "member_patent_status_list": { "id": 1, "status": "unknown", "hash": "ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a", "created": "2016-07-22 14:14:53", "last_updated": "2016-07-22 14:14:53" } } ], "member_posts_see_more_urls_collection": [ { "id": 29, "member_id": 4948, "url": "", "created": "2016-07-22 14:31:59", "last_updated": "2017-08-19 12:46:25", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_projects_collection": [ { "id": 162, "member_id": 7690, "name": "Business Plan for an IT Services Start-Up Business", "url": "", "description": "

Rapidly growing IT infrastructures and high power costs had made technology executives to have more than enough reasons to explore green, sustainable IT strategies. Green IT is an ever-increasing demand for IT innovation that advances strategic organizational goals only compounds these challenges. Implementing a green IT view, striving to drive costs out of IT infrastructures will help free capital resources for strategic investments.

", "date_from": "June 2010", "date_to": null, "team_members": "John Doe, Robert Roe", "created": "2016-07-22 14:37:56", "last_updated": "2017-05-08 03:04:11", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_publications_collection": [ { "id": 30, "member_id": 4162, "title": "Breaking New Ground in the Caribbean: Improving Health in Haiti and Cuba", "publisher": "Healthcare publisher", "date": "February 2014", "description": "

Breaking New Ground in the Caribbean: Improving Health in Haiti and Cuba
by John Doe, Director, Global Access & Partnerships – Latin America, Global Public Health. John Doe, Regional Director for Global Access & Partnerships – Latin America, is responsible for the development and management of strategies that improve access in the region for an evolving portfolio of HIV, Vaccines, and TB compounds.

", "authors": "John Doe", "url": "", "created": "2016-07-22 14:30:17", "last_updated": "2016-10-07 17:23:29", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_recommendations_collection": [ { "id": 266, "member_id": 7541, "recommendation": "We are working together for this project. & technical skills along with Japanese skills help in getting the confidence of customer , Sachin help in translating, interpretation, & any other area where AS400 skills along with Japanese language is required.", "created": "2016-07-22 14:37:45", "last_updated": "2021-07-15 20:59:36", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_similar_profiles_collection": [ { "id": 41548498, "member_id": 704765, "url": "", "created": "2019-11-09 06:28:22", "last_updated": "2020-03-08 03:57:50", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_skills_collection": [ { "id": 8728, "member_id": 7541, "skill_id": 1514, "created": "2016-07-22 14:37:45", "last_updated": "2018-07-25 00:06:43", "deleted": 1, "member_skill_list": { "id": 1514, "skill": "cross-functional team leadership", "hash": "fc2cab4fe51ad91bd0223729417fb9dc", "created": "2016-07-22 14:29:46", "last_updated": "2016-07-22 14:29:46" } ], "member_test_scores_collection": [ { "id": 21, "member_id": 9609, "name": "Sheffield Community Access & Interpreting Service (SCAIS) Language Assessment", "date": "2013", "description": "

Japanese Language Assessment, Pass

", "score": "Score: 55%", "created": "2016-07-22 14:40:56", "last_updated": "2017-04-20 12:28:45", "deleted": 1 } ], "member_volunteering_cares_collection": [ { "id": 1293, "member_id": 7936, "care_id": 1, "created": "2016-07-22 14:38:30", "last_updated": "2018-11-13 18:31:30", "deleted": 1, "member_volunteering_care_list": { "id": 1, "care": "animal welfare", "hash": "94f6293166176cbea8ac4919048da39e", "created": "2016-07-22 14:14:53", "last_updated": "2016-07-22 14:14:53" } ], "member_volunteering_opportunities_collection": [ { "id": 49, "member_id": 3998, "opportunity_id": 1, "created": "2016-07-22 14:29:40", "last_updated": "2017-02-14 14:24:02", "deleted": 1, "member_volunteering_opportunity_list": { "id": 1, "opportunity": "joining a nonprofit board", "hash": "6c83a50b2acd294e019209a4735e046d", "created": "2016-07-22 14:14:53", "last_updated": "2016-07-22 14:14:53" } } ], "member_volunteering_positions_collection": [ { "id": 54120189, "member_id": 704765, "organization": "Foundation for Women", "role": "Presidential Chair", "cause_id": 2, "date_from": "January 2015", "date_to": "January 2018", "duration": "3 years", "created": "2018-03-09 17:05:50", "last_updated": "2018-11-14 18:02:56", "deleted": 1, "description": "Training & Coaching organization providing at risk youth and women with a platform to complete a professional career change into IT within a year. The program supports life transitioning and personal transformation skills as well as general business skills training.", "organization_url": "", "member_volunteering_positions_cause_list": { "id": 2, "cause": "education", "hash": "d0bb80aabb8619b6e35113f02e72752b", "created": "2016-07-22 14:14:53", "last_updated": "2016-07-22 14:14:53" } } ], "member_volunteering_supports_collection": [ { "id": 796, "member_id": 30707, "support_id": 691, "created": "2016-07-22 14:50:09", "last_updated": "2017-04-14 07:34:53", "deleted": 1, "member_volunteering_support_list": { "id": 691, "support": "women's rights", "hash": "c3a1ea7cf53f5346b1e307549ad84cad", "created": "2016-07-22 14:50:09", "last_updated": "2016-07-22 14:50:09" } } ], "member_websites_collection": [ { "id": 26868075, "member_id": 30094, "website": "", "created": "2019-02-26 16:30:07", "last_updated": "2019-09-17 20:37:22", "deleted": 1 } ] }

Ready-to-use employee data

Employee data is information about professionals. It provides you with data points such as job title, location, connections, active experience, and more. The data you're getting via Employee API is parsed, clean, and up-to-date.

You can access a detailed data dictionary and generate custom data samples using our self-service API tool.

Two ways to use the API


You can find relevant profiles in seconds. Use multiple filters to query our database, refine your search, and pull ID lists of profiles that match your criteria.


Enrich the information you already have with extensive and fresh data. Use specific URLs or unique profile IDs to collect the profiles that you need.

Self-service tool

Convenient for developers, accessible to all

One of the ways to use the Employee API is the self-service tool. You don’t need a big data team to use the Employee API. A search query generator and learning resources make it easy for any team to get started.


Select filters

Build a search query using the query generator. Select filters and see the number of results in our database.


Copy the query

 Copy the query and call our API to get the data. If needed, collect a data sample first.


Get data

Get data in structured JSON.

  • On-demand access
  • Query generator
  • Custom data samples
  • Elasticsearch query DSL
  • Quick start guide

Supporting smooth integration

import requests
import json

url = ""

payload = json.dumps(
    {"name":"Coresignal","industry":"IT Services and IT Consulting","country":"United States"}
headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Authorization': 'Bearer {JWT}'

response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


Supporting smooth integration

We provide various resources for integrating our APIs into your existing data model.

  • Technical support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Code samples
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Free credits for testing

Learn how your industry uses Employee API

Data-driven recruitment

Employee API helps you find the best-fit talent. HR tech platforms often integrate this API into their search tools because it’s connected to a regularly updated and constantly growing database with millions of professional profiles.

Learn more

Investment and sales intelligence

The possibility to get accurate and full information from professional profiles in seconds makes this tool popular among companies that are looking to monitor talent movement between companies, understand their organizational structures or connect with relevant decision-makers.

Your use case

Tell us more about your data needs and we’ll provide a solution.

Why 400+ clients choose Coresignal

Global coverage

The database connected to our APIs consists of data records from across the globe.

In the market since 2016

Our team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals.

Responsible data collection

We only collect publicly available web data, in line with the highest data privacy standards.

But don’t take us at our word.
Listen to our clients.

Find more reviews on Datarade.

Start Quote

We are using Coresignal to enrich our AI platform for Sales Pipeline Growth. We proactively recommend sales-ready opps, interested buyers, warm intros, and trusted actions, which results in +25% in net new pipeline in 2 months, and +40% after 6 months.

Lead generation client

Before we started working with Coresignal, the percentage of investments that we made that had data influence was around 2% and currently it's around 65%.

Venture capital client

We chose Coresignal because of the coverage, data freshness, and ability to extend to other data sources.

Sales tech client

End Quote

Find more reviews on Datarade.

Frequently asked questions

What is Employee API?

Employee API (application programming interface) is software designed for retrieving data from a large-scale database upon getting requests.

What is the Employee data API for?

Employee API is an excellent tool for companies that want to find specific employee profiles or enrich their existing data. It can be used for finding the best-fit talent, monitoring talent movement between companies or generating sales leads.

What are the benefits of the Employee API?

Employee API gives you direct access to our main database with millions of employee profiles. The data you’re accessing is refreshed every six hours. Refreshing and expanding this database is a continuous process. So, this simple tool allows you to get fresh, high-quality data on business professionals in seconds and whenever you need it.

You can use this API to search, filter, and retrieve relevant data records or enrich your existing data.

What is the pricing of the Employee API?

We offer multiple credit-based API plans for businesses of all sizes, including a pay-as-you-go option, monthly plans, and annual plans which you can select based on your data needs. To learn more about our pricing, contact our sales team or check the price of a specific number of credits using the API self-service tool.

How fresh is the data I would access with this API?

The database you’re accessing with this API is updated every six hours. Updates include adding new data and refreshing a significant portion of existing  profiles.

What is the API self-service tool?

The self-service API tool allows you to search and enrich data with instant access to 940M+ fresh company, employee, and job posting data records.

This semi-automated tool is an excellent way to explore our database, test our data, and get relevant data records on demand. It has a built-in search query builder and detailed tutorials that explain how you can get started and how you can use our APIs directly.

Here are some of the many functionalities it offers:

  • Buy API credits without talking to sales;
  • Explore our database and test our data;
  • Generate custom data samples;
  • Generate search queries in seconds and save them;
  • See our data dictionary and samples;
  • See and manage your credit balance.

Unlock new business opportunities with Coresignal. Let’s get in touch.

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