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community and repository data

Community and repository data

  • Discover talented developers, data analysts, and more
  • Leverage data for investment intelligence
  • Identify stand-out software projects
  • Improve talent sourcing strategies
community and repository data

3 total data sources


74.5M total data records

continuous updates

Always fresh, updated data

Community and repository data use cases


Discover software projects

Our continuously updated software repository data makes it easy to identify and track noteworthy software projects that might be ready for the next stage of growth.


Source candidates

With Coresignal’s rich community and repository datasets, source the perfect candidate for your project by analyzing similar projects and their communities.


Identify trends

From machine learning to data science and coding, a wealth of public discussions is a great source for identifying trends or understanding social sentiment.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals


PDF sample

Free data sample

  • See the structure of our community and repository JSON record
  • Explore the main community and repository data points
  • Find out the definition of each data point

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Main data fields

Here are some examples of the data fields you will find in our community and repository datasets.

Information Description Example values*
company_name Name of the company where the person is employed X Software
location Highlights the location of the person Netherlands
repos_summary Data block on repositories including names, descriptions, sizes, watcher counts, licenses, programming languages, etc. NA
scripts_summary Data block on scripts by the user NA
datasets_summary Data block on datasets by the user NA

Please note that some example values were changed for clarity. For more information on all available data fields, their corresponding sources, and data samples please contact sales.

Benefits of community and repository data

In general, investors, recruiters, and businesses use community and repository data in various ways. Here are a few more benefits companies may gain by utilizing community and repository datasets: 

  • Acquire up-to-date market research insights on trending software projects
  • Use social listening to discover mentions of your product
  • Enrich your lead database with public community and repository profiles

If you are not sure whether our data is right for your use case, we will gladly provide you with a free consultation. Feel free to contact us by clicking the button down below.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

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