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Web data use cases for talent analytics

Talent insights

With extensive datasets, you can identify and analyze patterns in how millions of careers across the globe look like and use this information to create tools for better, data-powered HR.

For example, you can identify what qualifications are necessary for someone looking to enter the job market in a specific industry after a break. Or what skills will likely be in demand in the near future.

Top data points: position_title, education, experience_company, experience_description, skills, certifications, courses, languages, median_pay

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Data for detailed talent insights
Data for analyzing hiring trends

Hiring trends

Having access to a stable stream of data on talent and jobs makes it possible to identify emerging trends in the labor market and stay one step ahead when it comes to predicting what to expect next.

Fresh data in various categories allows companies to spot meaningful patterns and generate signals about the talent they care about. Major labor-related shifts in an industry, emerging roles that were born due to new technology, and more.

Top data categories: job postings, employee, salary, firmographic data

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Employee data enrichment

Companies can enrich their data using a preferred method by getting a full dataset or opting for our API. Two very beneficial features for keeping up with updates in candidate resumes are frequent updates and easy change tracking.

Datasets are updated daily, and the database connected to APIs is updated every 6 hours. Updates and changes are marked with timestamps, which makes it easier to keep your data fresh.

Top data points: company_name, position_title, education, experience_company, experience_description, certifications, courses, languages

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database enrichment

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Database API

Database API

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