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Web data use cases for B2B intent data

Identify prospects ready to buy with B2B intent data

Discover high-intent prospects

Capture and analyze B2B intent data to identify prospects with a high likelihood of engagement or purchase, enabling more focused and efficient targeting efforts.

Web data is ideal for evaluating if a prospect is a decision maker, while signals such as a recent position change can reveal the best time for approaching. Furthermore, company activity data (e.g., number of active job postings) can reveal areas the company focuses on, helping predict intent.

Top data points: employer_name, current_experience, past_experiences, location, company_industry, company_specialties, active_job_postings, tech_stack

Tailor go-to-market strategies

Streamline go-to-market (GTM) strategies by evaluating firmographic, technographic, and product data, revealing in-depth company information, market, and product position.

The decreasing popularity of certain software, as one example, can signal an opportunity for a new player in the market. Additionally, understanding the evolving needs and interests of the target market can help in tailoring existing products or developing new offerings that meet these demands.

Top data points: company_size, hq_location, industry, founding_date, description, specialties, product_category, product_ratings_count, ratings_average, ratings_breakdown, review_text

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