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Fresh public web data for comprehensive market intelligence

At Coresignal, we help 400+ data-driven startups, enterprises, and investment firms secure a stable stream of public web data on companies and people across the globe. We collect, refresh, and deliver data from the most challenging online sources at scale.

Powering over 400 data-driven businesses

We know how businesses can get the most out of web data, stay on top of all the changes in this dynamic industry, and build long-term partnerships with our clients by sharing our expertise with them.

  • Public web data collection since 2016
  • Experienced team coming from big data, lead generation, and e-commerce backgrounds
  • Clients from various industries, including HR and sales tech platforms, and world’s largest VC firms

Robust infrastructure for top freshness

We have a powerful global data collection infrastructure that allows us to keep our datasets fresh and expand them continuously.

  • Systematic approach towards data updates and discovery
  • Continuous data collection from 20 challenging online sources
  • Stable data delivery in multiple formats (JSON, JSONL, CSV, Parquet)

Responsible and secure data collection

Data privacy laws compliance

Our data processing procedures and privacy policy are in line with the current major data privacy regulations, including the CCPA and GDPR. Coresignal is registered as California Data Broker.

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Certified member of EWDCI

Coresignal is a founding member of the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI), an international, industry-led consortium promoting ethical data collection.

Public web data

We collect data from publicly available web sources and follow the highest public web data collection industry standards.

Opt-out mechanism

Individuals may execute their rights under data protection regulations, including the right to access, correct, delete, and restrict the processing of their data. They may easily opt out from being included in our datasets by submitting a request or via email.

Our partners’ compliance

Before signing an agreement with our customers, we make sure that the company is a legitimate business and can comfortably undertake legal obligations to comply with privacy laws.

Information Security

Our established information security policy ensures the enforcement of appropriate technical and organizational data security measures. Cyber security insurance helps us better protect our business, stakeholders, and customers from the effects of cyber threats.

Our story

Coresignal was founded with the goal of making large amounts of fresh, publicly available web data accessible to any company worldwide. We started with one source of data on companies, professionals, and jobs and quickly expanded our coverage with new sources and data categories. 

Streamlining the process

Collection of high-quality web data has been the sole focus of our business for years. Experimentation with scraping strategies over time led to a streamlined process. It made it possible to create multiple data solutions powered by rich and fresh public web data from top sources for businesses in different industries, including the world’s largest VC firms and HR tech platforms that are changing how people hire and get hired.

Creating valuable data solutions for businesses worldwide

We continue growing and improving our raw datasets, and are now expanding the list of our data solutions with clean datasets for companies that need already processed data. A stable data collection process also allowed us to accumulate valuable historical data throughout the years.

Launching the self-service API tool

In 2023, we have introduced our first self-service tool for database API users. The semi-automated tool allows users to query our database and get relevant data records from it in seconds.

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