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We Let the Data Talk

Coresignal was founded with the goal of making large amounts of up-to-date alternative data accessible to any company worldwide. Focusing on firmographics and publicly available professional profiles, we believe that data is key to creating value and opening up never before explored opportunities. 

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Our mission is to empower companies and non-profit organizations to accomplish more with the power of raw alternative data.

Achieving this vision is not an easy feat. Gathering and continuously updating large amounts of public web data requires more than expertise. A robust and dynamic infrastructure is also a must and the task is further complicated by the ever-changing nature of how public information is presented online.

Yet, determination, experimentation with new scraping strategies and improvement of old ones eventually led to a streamlined process that made it possible for us to offer raw, rich and fresh alternative data.

Our team

The Coresignal team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals in the industry coming from big data, lead generation, and e-commerce backgrounds. Our combined experience and a culture of knowledge sharing allows us to help organizations utilize the data in the most efficient way and easily achieve related goals.







Values and ethics

We understand that big data is a powerful tool that can be used with both good and bad intentions. For this reason we thoroughly vet our prospective clients and require strict handling of datasets by contract. We sign agreements that strictly forbid reselling data with all our clients and we also oblige them to ensure that all of the necessary security measures are taken.

We believe that we have a social responsibility to be transparent about our data acquisition process which is based on gathering data from publicly available sources. We also offer the opportunity for individuals to opt-out from being included in our dataset of professionals.

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