Don’t bother with an Indeed scraper. Get a fresh dataset.

If you're thinking about an Indeed scraper, consider getting a ready-to-use Indeed dataset instead to save time and resources. Building a scraper for data extraction from this source can be challenging and costly. A dataset with already scraped public data is an excellent solution for companies looking to extract actionable insights. The data you're getting is parsed, structured, and fresh.

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Data points Example values
Company Company name
Location Irvine, CA 92612
Company star rating 3.3
Company review count 98
Expired false
Title Dishwasher
Description Dental Clinic is looking for a motivated team member to be part of our office...
Job type Permanent
Salary min 15.0
Salary max 19.0
doc": {
            "id": "indeed_job_001f2002874439fd3d1",
            "source_id": "001f2002879443fd3d1",
            "url": "",
            "title": "Processing Technician",
            "company": "The Lab",
            "location": "Dallas, TX 75220",
            "description": "Our strong growth is creating great learning and career development opportunities throughout our company, and especially our donation centers. PROCESSING TECHNICIAN. This is What You’ll Do: Prompt and accurate collection, storage and shipping of plasma bottles and samples. Maintain compliance with SOP, current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP) and regulatory guidelines. Accountable for area operations to accommodate production levels and donor arrival patterns. <…>
            "company_star_rating": 3.2,
            "company_review_count": 867,
            "company_website": null,
            "company_id": "The Lab",
            "website": null,
            "job_link": "",
            "expired": true,
            "indeed_origin_country": "United States",
            "qualifications": [
                "Driving Licence (Preferred)"
            "benefits": [
                "Dental insurance",
                "Employee assistance program",
            "salary": {
                "salary_min": 38380.4,
                "salary_max": 48598.133,
                "salary_type": "YEARLY",
                "salary_text": "$38.4K - $48.6K a year"
            "job_type": null,
            "is_sponsored": false,
            "is_featured_employer": true

What is Indeed data?

Indeed data is split into two datasets: companies and jobs. A firmographic data dictionary includes information about the company, CEO and ratings given to the company profile. Job posting data dictionary has key information on the company profiles, as well as information on the job posting (requirements and offers for the job).

Unique Indeed dataset features


Global coverage

Our Indeed dataset contains 162M+ jobs and 2M+ company profiles from all over the world for a well-rounded coverage, with over 45 months of historical data available.

Data freshness

Fresh data

The majority of records in our Indeed datasets are updated on a monthly basis, keeping the data fresh and ready-to-use.

New records

On average, we add over 1M+ new jobs and thousands of new company profiles every month.

Why are datasets better than scrapers?

Simple to use
Stable deliver and formats
Historic changes
Data collection and expertise required
Real-time data
*if going for large volumes of data
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Talent analytics

Indeed's high-quality web data on jobs and employees helps you find the best prospects and which skills will be highly coveted in the near future. What's more, you will learn about the latest hiring trends and predict labor-related shifts in your industry.

Extract actionable insights

Indeed dataset is a valuable tool for extracting actionable insights based on information relevant to you. You can evaluate the job market, monitor specific industries or get insights into how anything related to jobs and companies behind them was changing over time with the help of historical data.

Why do 500+ companies choose Coresignal?

Data freshness

Always fresh datasets

At Coresignal, the datasets are always fresh. That’s why you don’t need to bother with scrapers anymore.

Top quality client support

Dedicated account managers

Our dedicated account managers will always be there to help you navigate the data world.

Responsible data collection

Responsible data collection

We believe in ethical data collection. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about data compliance issues.

Flexible data formats

Data at scale

Our extensive data coverage will cover all your data-related needs.

Stable service

Stable service

We take care of all data collection issues. All you need to do is use it.

Reliable data provider

Reliable and convenient delivery

We deliver data in JSON, CSV, and HTML. Choose what’s best for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Why scrape Indeed?

Scraping Indeed can be a valuable approach for companies looking to extract actionable insights from job listings. However, building a scraper for data extraction from Indeed can be challenging and costly. Instead, using a ready-to-use Indeed dataset saves time and resources, as it provides already scraped public data that is parsed, structured, and fresh.

What job listing data will I get with Indeed dataset?

The Indeed dataset is split into two datasets: companies and jobs. The firmographic data dictionary includes information about the company, CEO, and ratings given to the company profile. The job posting data dictionary contains key information on the company profiles, as well as details on the job posting, including requirements and offers for the job.

Why is a dataset better than Indeed scraper?

Datasets are considered better than scrapers for several reasons:

  • They are simpler to use.
  • They provide stable delivery and formats.
  • They are cost-effective, especially for large volumes of data.
  • They include historic changes.
  • They eliminate the need for data collection expertise and resources required for maintaining a scraper.
Indeed dataset use cases

Indeed dataset use cases include market research, competitive analysis, talent sourcing, industry trend analysis, and more.