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Fresh alternative data from public web sources

Enhance your investment signals and make better business decisions with Coresignal’s always fresh raw data of millions of professionals and companies from all over the world.


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Structured data in JSON or CSV

With Coresignal, get raw datasets collected from business-related public online platforms. With a convenient choice of either parsed JSON or CSV, we will transfer the data via a web link or send the files directly to your preferred storage.

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Data for signal generation

By incorporating our datasets into algorithmic models, generate investment signals and make winning decisions.

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Always fresh data

Every month we update 140M+ high-value public resume and company records, so that you could always stay one step ahead.


Historical data

With 20 months worth of data, our datasets can be used to test models and forecast trends, such as the growth of different industries and market sectors.

How our data is used

From investment companies to sourcing tools for recruiters, our business data is perfect for a multitude of use cases.

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Investment intelligence

Public resume and company datasets are used in advanced investment models which allow investors to generate trade signals, make better predictions and test their reliability.

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Data-driven recruitment

Public resume data helps sourcing tools and recruiting firms match companies with professionals in ways that have never been possible before.

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Lead generation

Whether B2B or B2C, use public resume and company data to build intelligent tools that help connect clients with decision makers.

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Trend forecasting

Thanks to 20 months of historical data, our datasets are used to forecast trends, such as the growth of different industries and market sectors over time.

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Continuously updated datasets of millions of professionals and companies from all over the world open up opportunities for all kinds of research.

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There are many other ways our data can be useful. Don’t see your use case here? Contact us for a free consultation.


data points

Our high-quality datasets include more than 2000 data points from 20 sources. This richness guarantees a high degree of flexibility in how you can use the data. Our main data offering consists of public resume (member) data and company data.

Public resume data

General information

Interests and activities

Skills and abilities

Job experience


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Company data

General information

Financial information

Job listings



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Why Coresignal?

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Continuously updated data


Raw, well structured and ready-to-use

Marked as correct

Rich datasets

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Fast and convenient delivery

We like to keep it simple


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First, we discuss your specific needs. Optionally, we can offer a sample dataset. Then, you can either request the full dataset or data specific to selected countries and regions.


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requested data

The requested data is then uploaded in CSV or JSON formats as a weblink or a file, directly to your preferred data storage.


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Outdated data loses relevance. With Coresignal, get monthly or quarterly data updates.

Stay ahead of the game with the freshest data

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