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Firmographic data

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Employee data

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Fresh alternative data from public web sources

Enhance your investment analysis or build data-driven products with Coresignal’s always fresh raw data of millions of professionals and companies from all over the world.

Alternative data


records updated monthly


employee profiles


company profiles


data sources

Structured data in JSON or CSV

With Coresignal, get raw datasets collected from business-related public online platforms. With a convenient choice of either parsed JSON or CSV, we will transfer the data via a web link or send the files directly to your preferred storage.

Fresh data

Always fresh data

Every month we update 158M high-value employee and firmographic records so you can always stay ahead of the competition.

Historical data

Historical data

With up to 50 months' worth of data, our datasets can be used to test models and forecast trends, such as the growth of different industries and market sectors.

API solutions

Use Company API, Employee API, and Jobs API to access, filter and query our main datasets directly or Company scraping API, Employee scraping API, and Jobs scraping API for on-demand retrieval of specific records straight from the public web.

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How our data is used

From investment companies to sourcing tools for recruiters, our business data is leveraged for a multitude of use cases.

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Investment intelligence

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Data-driven recruitment

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Lead generation

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Data enrichment

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Trend forecasting

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Our investment clients

control over $197B in assets under management

Our lead generation clients

provide services to over 60K businesses

Our HR tech clients

enable data-driven recruiting platforms

We are proud to partner with

University of Pennsylvania
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UC Hastings Law
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Boost your business with fresh raw data

Our main data offering consists of employee and firmographic records, spanning 8 web sources with hundreds of unique data points. Our full data offering includes a total of 8 data categories from 20 sources.

See full data offering

Employee data

  • Track talent movement for investment opportunities
  • Source best-fit talent for your recruitment needs
  • Fuel your lead generation pipeline

Firmographic data

  • See the full company picture
  • Map company locations
  • Dig deep into company structures

Not up for a sales call?

Sign up and get access to our interactive data catalog:

  • View and download data samples
  • Browse complete data dictionaries
  • Calculate custom data prices
  • Submit data inquiries

Why 100+ companies choose Coresignal

Expertise in data industry

In the market since 2016

Our team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals.

Reliable dataset delivery

Reliable and convenient delivery

Regularly updated datasets are delivered in ready-to-use formats for your convenience.

Account managers

Dedicated account managers

Get the most out of your data with Coresignal's dedicated account managers.

Ready-to-use data

Parsed, ready-to-use data

Boost your data-driven insights with parsed, ready-to-use data delivered in multiple formats.

Raw datasets

Raw, in-depth datasets

Coresignal's raw datasets include 660M member and 98M company profiles.

High-quality data

Clean and accurate records

Coresignal strives to provide you with fresh and accurate data from high-quality sources.

We like to keep it simple


Tell us what
you need

First, we discuss your specific needs. Optionally, we can offer a sample dataset. Then, you can either request the full dataset or data specific to selected countries and regions.


Get the

requested data

The requested data is then uploaded in CSV or JSON formats as a weblink or a file, directly to your preferred data storage.


Keep it


Outdated data loses relevance. With Coresignal, get daily, monthly or quarterly data updates.

But don't take us at our word. Listen to our clients.

Transparent Quote

Lead generation client

"We are using Coresignal to enrich our AI platform for Sales Pipeline Growth. We proactively recommend sales-ready opps, interested buyers, warm intros, and trusted actions, which results in +25% in net new pipeline in 2 months, and +40% after 6 months."

Transparent Quote

Venture capital client

"Before we started working with Coresignal, the percentage of investments that we made that had data influence was around 2% and currently it’s around 65%."

Transparent Quote

Sales tech client

"We chose Coresignal because of the coverage and the data freshness and ability to extend to other data sources."

Unlock new business opportunities with Coresignal. Let’s get in touch.

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