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jobs data api

Jobs API: Get access to millions of job postings

Search, filter, and enrich your data with direct access to a large-scale database. Get fresh job posting data from public web sources.

  • 126M+ jobs from the largest professional network
  • Search and filter by job title, location, date, and more
  • Immediately get data delivered to you in structured JSON
  • Get fresh data thanks to regular updates

Starting from $0.02/credit

Get started with free credits

Daily updates

Two ways to use Jobs API

Using Jobs Data API, you can query our main database in two ways.


Use specific data points as filters to find relevant job postings, refine your search, and pull ID lists.


Use unique job IDs and get the job postings that you need in structured JSON.

Easily find and get relevant jobs

Jobs API is the most convenient way to access, filter, and get jobs data from our continuously updated main database.

Free trial

You can request a free trial and test our Jobs API at no cost.

Direct access

Access our database directly and on your own terms. Pay in advance with a credit-based system.

99.7% uptime

Transparent information about uptime is available to all existing and future users.

Multiple filters

Use the multiple filters provided to you to narrow down the search as much as you want.

Try the Jobs API for free

Request a free trial and test our Jobs API at no cost.

Get started with ease

Easy to integrate and use

  • Detailed and constantly improved documentation
  • Step-by-step guide for first-time users

Dedicated account managers

  • Expertise and experience in web data collection
  • Exceptional client support standards
  • Transparent and prompt communication about data processes

See the job market through public web data lens

Jobs API gives you direct access to large volumes of job postings from the largest professional network, allowing you to retrieve specific data records in convenient format, whenever you need it.

Investment intelligence

Investors can use job posting data to see how companies are growing and what talent they are hiring.

Job market insights

You can use the Job API to get insights about the demand for specific talent, companies that are hiring, what skills they are interested in, and more.

Lead generation

See what technology companies are using and which departments they are expanding before you approach them with your solutions.

How does it work?


Perform search

Search the database by relevant data points.


Refine your results

Narrow down or expand your search with additional filters, if needed, and pull ID lists.


Get data

Get the job postings that you need in structured JSON format.

Frequently asked questions

What is Jobs API?

Jobs API (application programming interface) is software designed to retrieve data from a large-scale database upon getting requests.

How does the Jobs API work?

Jobs API gives you direct access to our large-scale database with millions of jobs. You can search for jobs using relevant data points, such as location, as filters.

What is the Jobs data API for?

Jobs API can be used to get insights about the job market, whether it’s for monitoring how companies are expanding their teams or what skills are required for specific roles.

What is the pricing of the Jobs API?

We offer multiple usage and pricing options to accommodate the different data needs of companies of all sizes. The starting price of our Jobs API is $0.02/credit. To get more information about our pricing, get in touch with us.

Jobs Scraping API vs. Jobs API: What's the difference?

Jobs scraping API is necessary when you want to scrape or refresh your already existing jobs data with 100% fresh information from publicly available job postings from the web.

Jobs API is a database API. It gives you access to millions of job postings in our database. You can search for specific jobs based on filters that matter to you, see how many jobs match your criteria and retrieve these job postings in seconds.

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