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jobs data api

Jobs API: Get access to millions of job postings

See the job market through a public web data lens with instant access to millions of job posting data records. Use this highly available API to get relevant data records from our database in structured JSON anytime.


Public job posting data records

Daily updates

The database is updated every 6 hours

Flexible pricing

Credit-based plans for businesses of all sizes


Advanced full-text search

Bulk download

Get up to 10,000 records in one batch

Ready-to-use jobs data

JSON data sample
Search filters
    "id": 6946,
    "created": "2020-08-21 11:16:17",
    "last_updated": "2021-02-24 22:30:06",
    "time_posted": "6 months ago",
    "title": "Energy Procurement Negotiator",
    "description": "Responsibilities will include:   ·        Produce tenders and issue them to suppliers within appropriate deadlines ·        Initiate price and contract term negotiations with suppliers ·        Ensure contract recommendations are accurate and sent out in a timely manner ·        Enter manual and electronic offers accurately, to create like-for-like cost analysis ·        Working closely with other teams and supporting the wider busines with knowledge of energy contracting and pricing ·        Issuing recommendations to clients via e-mail, and following-up via telephone ·        Processing of acceptances ·        Ensuring system details are maintained and updated accurately ·        Develop networks and relationships with energy supplier contacts ·        Ensure tender fees are invoiced upon completion of work ·        Ongoing contract management and resolution of client queries",
    "seniority": "Associate",
    "employment_type": "Full-time",
    "location": "Owlsmoor, England, United Kingdom",
    "url": "",
    "hash": "e9dccd36998f1c4a341fc1e234f57a2e",
    "company_id": 23087523,
    "company_name": "Energy Company",
    "company_url": "",
    "external_url": null,
    "deleted": 1,
    "application_active": 0,
    "salary": "£23,000.00 - £28,000.00",
    "applicants_count": "55 applicants",
    "professional_network_job_id": 2002092926,
    "country": "United Kingdom",
    "redirected_url": "",
    "job_industry_collection": [
            "job_industry_list": {
                "industry": "Oil & Energy"
            "job_industry_list": {
                "industry": "Environmental Services"
            "job_industry_list": {
                "industry": "Utilities"

Ready-to-use jobs data

Job posting data is information about online job ads posted by companies. It provides you with data points such as job title, description, seniority, salary, and more. It's parsed, clean, accurate, and ready to use.

You can access a detailed data dictionary and generate custom data samples using our self-service API tool.

Two ways to use Jobs API


You can find relevant jobs in seconds. Use multiple filters to query our database, refine your search, pull ID lists, and collect data in structured JSON.


Use unique job IDs and get the job postings that you need in structured JSON.

Self-service tool

Convenient for developers, accessible to all

One of the ways to use the Jobs API is the self-service tool. You don’t need a big data team to use the Jobs API. A search query generator and learning resources make it easy for any team to get started.


Select filters

Build a search query using the query generator. Select filters and see the number of results in our database.


Copy the query

Copy the query and call our API to get the data. If needed, collect a data sample first.


Get data

Get data in structured JSON.

  • Query generator
  • Custom data samples
  • Bulk download feature
  • Quick start guide
  • On-demand access

Supporting smooth integration

import requests
import json

url = ""

payload = json.dumps(
    {"title":"(Data Scientist)","application_active":"True","deleted":"False","location":"New York"}
headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Authorization': 'Bearer '

response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


Supporting smooth integration

We provide various resources for integrating our APIs into your existing data model.

  • Technical support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Code samples
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Free credits for testing

Learn how your industry uses Jobs API

HR technology

The Jobs API serves as a powerful search tool for HR technology companies that need access to an up-to-date database or on-demand retrieval of relevant job postings. The database updates that happen every 6 hours ensure that there’s new information available daily and that information from job postings is accurate.

Learn more

Job market insights

Job posting data can provide insights into the demand for different types of professionals and skills, as well as job market trends. Jobs API allows for scaling, but it’s very adaptable to different data needs. It can be used by companies that need large-scale data and those that want particular job postings for small-scale projects.

Your use case

Tell us more about your data needs and we’ll provide a solution.

Why 400+ clients choose Coresignal

Global coverage

The database connected to our APIs consists of data records from across the globe.

In the market since 2016

Our team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals.

Responsible data collection

We only collect publicly available web data, in line with the highest data privacy standards.

But don’t take us at our word.
Listen to our clients.

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Find more reviews on Datarade.

Frequently asked questions

What is Jobs API?

Jobs API (application programming interface) is software designed to retrieve data from a large-scale database upon getting requests.

How does the Jobs API work?

Jobs API gives you direct access to our large-scale database with millions of jobs. You can search for jobs using relevant data points, such as location, as filters.

What is the Jobs data API for?

Jobs API can be used to get insights about the job market, whether it’s for monitoring how companies are expanding their teams or what skills are required for specific roles.

What is the pricing of the Jobs API?

We offer multiple options to accommodate the different data needs of companies of all sizes. The starting price of our Jobs API is $800/month. To get more information about our pricing, get in touch with us.


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