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Firmographic data

Coresignal's firmographic data provides insights into businesses by offering a variety of data fields on millions of companies worldwide, grouped by unique identifiers. Some examples of firmographic data fields include company size, its location, number of employees, industry, vertical, and founding year.

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Coresignal's firmographic data makes it possible to group or filter companies by size, industry, category, age, and more. Firmographic data allows you to track the growth of your competitors and provide you with robust industry insights.


Map company locations

Improve your account-based marketing efforts with the ability to map and target companies located in relevant areas, across verticals and industries. Geographic data enhances your sales and marketing efforts by giving you rich insights on location-based market trends.


Dig deeper into company structures

Understand specific relationships between different companies to inform your business decisions and boost your investment intelligence efforts. Firmographic data points, such as company size, enable data-driven insights for better understanding the correlation between companies industry-wide.

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Main data fields

Here are some examples of the data fields you will find in our firmographic data.

Information Description Example values*
name Name of the company Coresignal
industry Industry or category in which the company operates Information Technology & Services
subsidiary_status Subsidiary status of the company private
size Company size in headcount expressed as integer, range or particular category 5945;
501 to 1,000.
revenue Estimated yearly revenue of the company $2 to $5 billion (USD)
location Company location, e.g. address 630 Third Ave.

Please note that some example values were changed for clarity. For more information on all available data fields, their corresponding sources, and data samples please contact sales.

Firmographic data for market research

Go above and beyond in your market research with in-depth firmographic data for business. Our firmographic data can help you forecast industry trends and uncover market gaps for better data-driven investment decisions.

Harness the power of firmographic segmentation

Lead data-driven sales and marketing campaigns with firmographic segmentation. Coresignal's rich firmographic datasets provide sales and marketing teams with business insights that can help guide campaigns.

What is firmographic data?

Firmographic data, also called firmographics, is the set of attributes used to segment businesses into specific groups based on predetermined criteria. Like demographics for people, or technographic data for technology stacks, firmographics make it possible to group companies by unique identifiers.

How is firmographic data used?

Coresignal's firmographic data can elevate your account-based marketing, lead generation, and investment intelligence. With rich B2B and B2C insights you can: 

  • Better understand the needs of your customers
  • Identify market gaps and fresh trends
  • Enhance trading and investment decisions
  • Extract operational insights of your competitors

In all, these are just a few ways firmographic and technographic data is utilized by researchers, investors, sales, and marketing experts. To learn more about our data feel free to contact sales, we will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

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