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Company data API

Company data API: Access data about millions of companies

  • 65M+ company profiles from the largest professional network
  • Search and filter by company title, location, industry, and more
  • Immediately get data delivered to you in structured JSON
  • Get fresh data thanks to continuous updates
Company data API

Starting from $0.02/credit

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Daily updates

Two ways to use the Company data API

Using Company data API, you can query our main database in two ways.

Search icon, company information api


Use specific data points to filter relevant profiles, refine your search, and pull ID lists.

Data enrichment


Use specific URLs or unique profile IDs and get the profiles that you need in structured JSON.

Extract actionable insights about companies

Company data API is the most straightforward way to access and filter our continuously updated main database.

Free trial

You can request a free trial and test our Company Data API at no cost.

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Direct access

Access our database directly and on your own terms. Pay in advance with a credit-based system.

Elasticsearch Query DSL

Flexibly build custom search logic using all available data points and the power of Elastic.

99.7% uptime

Transparent information about uptime is available to all existing and future users.


Multiple filters

Use the multiple filters provided to you to narrow down the search as much as you want.

Fresh data

We refresh a significant portion of millions of data records in our database every day.

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Try Company data API with a free trial

After evaluating your request we will grant you a certain amount of free credits which you can use to retrieve the needed records

How various industries use Company data API



With our data, you can screen startups showing early signs of growth and identify companies hungry for the next investment. Deal sourcing is easier than ever with Coresignal's company data.

lead generation

Lead generation

Give your lead gen platform a boost or improve your sales efforts with fresh records of professionals and companies from all around the world. Company information provides the needed intelligence.

data enrichment

Data enrichment

Company data API is ideal for data enrichment thanks to convenient URL matching for both professionals and companies. Detailed information provides more insights than the basics.

How does it work?


Perform search

Use Company data API to search the database by relevant data points or specific URLs.


Refine your results

Narrow down or expand your search with additional filters.


Get data

Get the profiles that you need in structured JSON format.

What is company data?

Company data consists of firmographic information from the largest social network of professionals.

With Company data APIs you can filter multiple data points such as company name, industry, headcount, geographical location, and more. After that, you make a request and retrieve relevant records according to the filters you selected. Data sourcing is easier than ever with Coresignal's Company data API.

You can also group certain identifiers together to filter and see only what you are interested in. You can insert a company name into the Company data API and analyze its situation in order to gather insights into its structure and success.

Easily retrieve company data records

Businesses can leverage up-to-date company information with Coresignal’s Company data API. With valuable, insightful, and unique data points, such as company name, geographical location, headcount or industry, companies can generate business opportunities, discover industry trends, and unlock market insights. 

Coresignal’s 65 million company profiles can help businesses and investors stay ahead of the competition.

All in all, Company data API allows you to extract useful insights about companies. It provides you with the required intelligence that helps you make investment decisions, improve lead generation, and enrich your current data. Data as a Service solution is increasingly becoming more and more popular among businesses due to its impactful nature.

Frequently asked questions

What is Company data API?

Company data API (application programming interface) is software designed to search and retrieve company data from Coresignal’s main large-scale database upon getting requests.

How does Company data API work?

Using the Company data API, you can query the database in two ways.

For search, you can search for company profiles using specific URL or data points. After narrowing down or expanding your search using additional filters, you can pull ID lists. Use these IDs to retrieve data in structured JSON.

For enrichment, you need to query the database using specific URLs or profile IDs that you already have and simply retrieve the data.

Why is Company data API important?

Company data API is important because it lets businesses and investors discover deeper insights about companies and allows them to integrate company data they get using this API into their products and CRM systems for data enrichment purposes.

This API provides businesses with access to an extensive and constantly updated database with data on millions of companies.

Additionally, end-users of Coresignal’s Company data API can search and filter data about companies by specific data points, such as location, industry, or size.

Does Coresignal offer a free Company data API trial?

Yes, you can get started with Company data API with free credits. Get in touch with us and request a free trial.

How can you benefit from Company data API?

You can boost your lead generation, monitor how companies are growing, improve investment intelligence, and enrich your existing data, to name a few.

How fresh is the data I would access with this API?

Our main database is updated with new data on a daily basis. A significant portion of company data records you can access with this API are also refreshed every day.

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