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Company data API

Company Data API: Your key to millions of fresh data records

Extract actionable insights about companies you’re interested in with instant access to millions of company profiles. With this API, you can get relevant data from our database in structured JSON whenever needed.


Public company data records

Flexible pricing

Credit-based plans with a PAYG option


Queries are executed in seconds

Daily updates

The database is updated every 6 hours

Historical data

4+ years of historical data

Find relevant records in seconds

These are only a few of the many data points you could use with our Company API. You can additionally filter records by headcount, company age, type, and more. Also, you'll be able to reap the benefits of the robust Elasticsearch query DSL filtering.

Ready-to-use company data

Data dictionary
	"id": 12695930,
	"url": "",
	"hash": "acb9e38f1fb40f4c9c28cee3f46a5b0d",
	"name": "Parallax Labs",
	"website": "",
	"size": "11-50 employees",
	"industry": "Software Development",
	"description": "Parallax Labs is a Mumbai based VR, AR & MR Content Development company.",
	"followers": 1416,
	"founded": 2016,
	"headquarters_city": null,
	"headquarters_country": null,
	"headquarters_state": null,
	"headquarters_street1": null,
	"headquarters_street2": null,
	"headquarters_zip": null,
	"created": "2019-04-08 02:48:35",
	"last_updated": "2023-01-04 10:09:34",
	"last_response_code": 200,
	"type": "Privately Held",
	"headquarters_new_address": "Mumbai, Maharashtra",
	"employees_count": 27,
	"headquarters_country_restored": null,
	"headquarters_country_parsed": "India",
	"company_shorthand_name": "parallax-labs",
	"company_shorthand_name_hash": "e050b5af10dd87d1b64e4d1610042b8e",
	"canonical_url": "",
	"canonical_hash": "f01fd26d2359af55488be43d7a9cb6aa",
	"canonical_shorthand_name": "parallax-labs",
	"canonical_shorthand_name_hash": "e050b5af10dd87d1b64e4d1610042b8e",
	"deleted": 0,
	"last_updated_ux": 1672826974,
	"source_id": 14454600,
	"company_affiliated_collection": [],
	"company_also_viewed_collection": [{
		"id": 201792193,
		"company_id": 12695930,
		"viewed_company_url": "",
		"viewed_company_id": null,
		"created": "2019-04-08 02:48:35",
		"last_updated": "2019-11-07 10:12:18",
		"deleted": 1

Ready-to-use company data

Using the Company API, you can get data about millions of companies. It provides you with data points such as company name, size, location, industry, and more. The data you're getting is parsed, clean, and up-to-date.

You can access a detailed data dictionary and generate custom data samples using our self-service API tool.

Two ways to use the API


You can find relevant profiles in seconds. Use multiple filters to query our database, refine your search, and pull ID lists of profiles that match your criteria.


Enrich the information you already have with extensive and fresh data. Use specific URLs or unique profile IDs to collect the profiles that you need.

Self-service tool

Convenient for developers, accessible to all

One of the ways to use the Company API is the self-service tool. You don’t need a big data team to use the Company API. A search query generator and learning resources make it easy for any team to get started.


Select filters

Build a search query using the query generator. Select filters and see the number of results in our database.


Copy the query

 Copy the query and call our API to get the data. If needed, collect a data sample first.


Get data

Get data in structured JSON.

  • On-demand access
  • Query generator
  • Custom data samples
  • Elasticsearch query DSL
  • Quick start guide

Supporting smooth integration

import requests
import json

url = ""

payload = json.dumps(
    {"name":"Coresignal","industry":"IT Services and IT Consulting","country":"United States"}
headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Authorization': 'Bearer {JWT}'

response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


Supporting smooth integration

We provide various resources for integrating our APIs into your existing data model.

  • Technical support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Code samples
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Free credits for testing

Get started with 200 free credits

Try Company API for free.

Explore Coresignal's data

See API plans and pricing

Generate search queries

Get custom data samples

Learn how your industry uses Company API


With our data, you can screen startups showing early signs of growth and identify companies hungry for the next investment. Deal sourcing is easier than ever with Coresignal's company data.

Learn more

Lead generation

Give your lead gen platform a boost or improve your sales efforts with fresh records of professionals and companies from all around the world. Company information provides the needed intelligence.

Your use case

Tell us more about your data needs and we’ll provide a solution.

Why 400+ clients choose Coresignal?

Find more reviews on Datarade.

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We are using Coresignal to enrich our AI platform for Sales Pipeline Growth. We proactively recommend sales-ready opps, interested buyers, warm intros, and trusted actions, which results in +25% in net new pipeline in 2 months, and +40% after 6 months.

Lead generation client

Before we started working with Coresignal, the percentage of investments that we made that had data influence was around 2% and currently it's around 65%.

Venture capital client

We chose Coresignal because of the coverage, data freshness, and ability to extend to other data sources.

Sales tech client

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Find more reviews on Datarade.

What is company data?

Company data consists of firmographic information from the largest social network of professionals. With Company data APIs you can filter multiple data points such as company name, industry, headcount, geographical location, and more. After that, you make a request and retrieve relevant records according to the filters you selected. Data sourcing is easier than ever with Coresignal's Company data API.

You can also group certain identifiers together to filter and see only what you are interested in. You can insert a company name into the Company data API and analyze its situation in order to gather insights into its structure and success.

Easily retrieve company data records

Businesses can leverage up-to-date company information with Coresignal’s Company data API. With  various valuable data points, such as company name, geographical location, headcount or industry, companies can generate business opportunities, discover industry trends, and unlock market insights. Coresignal’s 68 million company profiles can help businesses and investors stay ahead of the competition.

Company data for insights

Company data API allows you to extract useful insights about companies. It provides you with the required intelligence that helps you make investment decisions, improve lead generation, and enrich your current data. Data as a Service solution is increasingly becoming more and more popular among businesses due to its impactful nature.

Frequently asked questions

What is Company data API?

Company data API (application programming interface) is software designed to search and retrieve company data from Coresignal’s main large-scale database upon getting requests.

How does Company data API work?

Using the Company data API, you can query the database in two ways.

For search, you can search for company profiles using specific URL or data points. After narrowing down or expanding your search using additional filters, you can pull ID lists. Use these IDs to retrieve data in structured JSON.

For enrichment, you need to query the database using specific URLs or profile IDs that you already have and simply retrieve the data.

Why is Company data API important?

Company data API is important because it lets businesses and investors discover deeper insights about companies and allows them to integrate company data they get using this API into their products and CRM systems for data enrichment purposes.

This API provides businesses with access to an extensive and constantly updated database with data on millions of companies.

Additionally, end-users of Coresignal’s Company data API can search and filter data about companies by specific data points, such as location, industry, or size.

Does Coresignal offer a free Company data API trial?

Yes, you can get started with Company data API with 200 free credits. Simply click the Start free button at the top of the page.

How can you benefit from Company data API?

You can boost your lead generation, monitor how companies are growing, improve investment intelligence, and enrich your existing data, to name a few.

How fresh is the data I would access with this API?

Our main database is updated with new data every six hours. A significant portion of company data records you can access with this API are also refreshed every day.

What is the API self-service tool?

The self-service API tool allows you to search and enrich data with instant access to 741M+ fresh company and employee data records.

This semi-automated tool is an excellent way to explore our database, test our data, and get relevant data records on demand. It has a built-in search query builder and detailed tutorials that explain how you can get started and how you can use our APIs directly.

Here are some of the many functionalities it offers:

  • Buy API credits without talking to sales;
  • Explore our database and test our data;
  • Generate custom data samples;
  • Generate search queries in seconds and save them;
  • See our data dictionary and samples;
  • See and manage your credit balance.

Unlock new business opportunities with Coresignal. Let’s get in touch.

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