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professional network data

Fuel your business growth with professional network data

  • Build data-powered products
  • Extract unique business insights
  • Find new investment opportunities
professional network data


updates and discovery


employee profiles checked monthly


company profiles updated monthly


new job postings added daily


years in the market

Employee data

Use 687M+ continuously updated employee profiles for talent sourcing & intelligence or lead enrichment.

General employee information

Interests and activities


Job experience


Company data

Discover new companies to invest in from our database of 69M+ companies, fully refreshed every month.

General company information

Industry and type

Headcount data



Job posting data

Use extensive job data (231M+ records) for competitive intelligence or talent analytics. New records added every day.

General job description

Employment type

Job position title

Required skills


What is professional network data?

Data Points Example Values
Name Lucas van Antonio
Title Attorney
Location Newark, New York, United States
Industry Law Practice
Connections 4 connections

What is professional network data?

This is the ultimate B2B web data source that benefits businesses in various industries. We offer over 989 million data records from this source, the majority of which are refreshed on a regular basis. Our professional network data is split into three B2B datasets: employee data, company data, and job posting data. You can get fresh data from us at scale daily, monthly, and quarterly or retrieve relevant data records yourself using our APIs.

Reduce time to value with clean B2B data

Professional network datasets are available in two types: raw and clean.

Raw data

Popular among companies with strong data engineering capabilities that need data that is closer to the source.

  • 756M+ records available
  • No profile filtering
  • Basic pre-processing only
  • Data is not enriched

Clean data

Best suited for companies that prefer ready-to-use, pre-processed datasets that require less data engineering.

  • 494M+ records available
  • Contains high-value profiles only 
  • Cleaned, filtered, and standardized
  • 20+ additional fields

Employee dataset

Employee data is best for HR tech companies because it enables data-driven recruiting.

Data points such as name, location, industry, position title, employment length, and more allow building recruitment platforms that are free of hiring bias.

Easily find only the best-fit talent based on qualifications instead of gut feelings.

employee data visual

Company dataset

Also known as firmographic data, it's best for investors.

Data points such as company name, location, headcount, industry, size, and more allow investors to discover and evaluate companies they are interested in.

Also, you can find companies that fit a predefined size or headcount criteria.

company data visual

Job posting dataset

Job posting data works very well for both HR and investors.

It allows for a more imaginative approach. Data points such as job title, location, industry, seniority level, employment type, skills required, salary, remote option, and more allow seeing a more complete picture of the company’s goals.

Furthermore, job postings are a great source of technographic information.

job posting data visual

Choose how you want to get data

Raw datasets

You can choose between several options: direct download via link, Google Cloud Storage, and AWS S3.

Clean datasets

Save data engineering resources by opting for a refined and enriched version of the dataset you're interested in.

Database API

Find relevant data records with access to our professional network data datasets and download them in structured JSON.

Professional network data use cases

Data-driven platforms

Our data solutions enable businesses across the globe to build products, HR tech and sales tech platforms among them, powered by large volumes of web data.

Investment intelligence

Access to extensive fresh and historical data on millions of companies, including those operating in stealth mode, help investors make better-informed decisions.

Business insights

Companies use our large-scale datasets to extract insights about other businesses, top talent, and the job market. 

Why 400+ companies choose Coresignal

Reliable and convenient delivery

We offer data in multiple formats, flexible delivery frequency and ensure transparent information about data operations to our clients.

employee data

Exceptional client support

Get the most out of your data with the help of Coresignal's dedicated account managers. We value long-term relationships and strive to provide quick support.

continuous updates

8 years in the market

Our team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals. The advanced infrastructure they built over the years allows us to expand our datasets daily.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dataset prices?

Pricing generally depends on the amount of data you need and its complexity. To get a quote, contact our sales team by clicking the Contact us button at the top of this page.

How often is data updated?

  • Employee data is refreshed regularly and every time we notice a change in the profile;
  • Firmographic data is refreshed monthly;
  • We continuously scrape a pool of active posts and add new job postings to the dataset.

Do you have an API to your datasets?

Yes, you can access all professional network datasets using our database APIs: Company API, Employee API, and Jobs API.

Can I get a data sample?

Yes, you can get a data sample by clicking the See documentation button above in the "What is professional network data?" section of this page.

Can you combine mutiple datasets?

Yes, you can combine several datasets to generate more advanced insights. For example, all three professional network datasets can be used together to improve talent intelligence, enhance investment intelligence, and boost lead generation. For more information, feel free to contact our sales team by clicking the Contact us button at the top of this page.


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