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professional network data

Professional Network Data: Fuel Your Business Growth

  • Employee, company, and job data
  • Freshest data on the market
  • Parsed, ready-to-use data
  • Delivery in JSON or CSV
  • API feature
employee records

589M+ employee records

company records

65M+ company records

job posting records

118M+ job posting records

Employee data

Use employee data to enhance talent intelligence.

General employee information

Interests and activities

Skills and abilities

Job experience


Company data

Use company data to discover new companies to invest in.

General company information

Industry and type

Headcount data



Job posting data

Use job data for expansion signals or labor market research.

General job description

Employment type

Job position title

Required skills


Main data fields

Here are some examples of the data fields you will find in the dataset.

Information Description Example values
name Name of the employee and the company Jane Doe;
location Location of the employee, company, and job opening New York, NY
position_title Current job title Account Manager
industry Industry or category in which the company operates Information Technology & Services
size Company size in headcount, expressed as integer, range, or particular category 5945;
501 to 1,000.
employment_type Type of employment of the job ad full-time
description Text body of the job ad describing the position You will be working on improving
and maintaining performance
flows of the existing product.

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What is the largest professional network dataset?

The largest professional network dataset consists of three types of business information: employee data, company data, and job posting data. You can also retrieve the data via API.

Below, you will find more detailed information about each of the data types.

Employee dataset

Employee data is best for HR tech companies because it enables data-driven recruiting.

Data points such as name, location, industry, position title, employment length, skills, and more allow building recruitment platforms that are free of hiring bias.

Easily find only the best-fit talent based on qualifications instead of gut feelings.

employee data visual

Company dataset

Also known as firmographic data, it's best for investors.

Data points such as company name, location, headcount, industry, size, and more allow investors to discover and evaluate companies they are interested in.

Also, you can find companies that fit a predefined size or headcount criteria.

company data visual

Job posting dataset

Job posting data works very well for both HR and investors.

It allows for a more imaginative approach. Data points such as job title, location, industry, seniority level, employment type, skills required, salary, remote option, and more allow seeing a more complete picture of the company’s goals.

Furthermore, job postings are a great source of technographic information.

job posting data visual

Dataset APIs

Search and filter our dataset for employee, company, and job posting records to only retrieve the records that interest you.

What's more, you can search for free until you find what you need and only pay for the collection of the records.

Extract valuable insights with our Company API, Employee API, and Jobs API. Find new investment opportunities, improve lead generation, and enrich your existing data.

dataset APIs

All in all, you don’t need to select one of these data types. If you decide to get the largest professional network dataset, you can get all of the above and be able to start making data-driven decisions right away. If you’re interested, contact our sales team by clicking the button below.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

Use cases

Don't bother with scraping on your own. Contact us, get data from the largest professional network, and reap the benefits of the following use cases: talent sourcing, investment signals, and data enrichment.

talent sourcing

Talent sourcing

Employee data can be leveraged to source the best-fit talent for your recruitment needs by providing up-to-date information on qualified candidates globally.

invstment signals

Investment signals

This data can help investors find new investment opportunities in both startups and established companies.

data enrichment

Data enrichment

This data can be used for developing a list of prospective clients. Our data for business can also provide you with additional data points on new clients and leads.

Data delivery


Tell us what you need

First, we discuss your specific needs. Optionally, we can offer a sample dataset. Then, you can either request the full dataset or data specific to selected countries and regions.


Get the requested data

The requested data is then uploaded in CSV or JSON formats as a web link or a file, directly to your preferred data storage.


Keep it fresh

Outdated data loses relevance. With Coresignal, get monthly or quarterly data updates.

Why 100+ companies choose Coresignal?

quality source

Highest-quality sources

We only use the most reliable business data sources out there.

employee data

Employee data

High-quality employee data to enhance talent intelligence.

company data

Company data

High-quality company data to help generate investment opportunities.

job posting data

Job data

High-quality job data to conduct labor market research.

continuous updates

Always fresh data

Always fresh and accurate data from high-quality sources.

large coverage

Large data coverage

Over 589M employee, 65M company, and 118M job posting records.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dataset prices?

Pricing generally depends on the amount of data you need and its complexity. To get a quote, you can either contact our sales team at [email protected] or explore our new data catalog where you can customize datasets based on your needs and calculate estimated prices.

How often is data updated?

  • Employee data is refreshed every time we notice a change in the profile;
  • Firmographic data is refreshed monthly;
  • Job posting data isn't refreshed. Instead, we continuously scrape a pool of active posts and add new job postings to the dataset.

Do you have an API to you datasets?

Yes, our Company API, Employee API, and Jobs API consist of all three professional network data categories: employee, firmographics, and job posting data. With them, you can search for free and pay only for the collection of the results.

Can I get a data sample?

Yes, you can download a data sample above in the "Free data sample" section.

Can you combine a few datasets?

Yes, you can combine several datasets to generate more advanced insights. For example, all three professional network datasets can be used together to improve talent intelligence, enhance investment intelligence, and boost lead generation. For more information, feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected]

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