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lead generation
Coresignal provides solutions for:

Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting users and converting them into customers interested in your company’s offering.

Lead generation databases are also employed to discover leads, evaluate intent, or enrich existing lead data. Coresignal’s employee, job posting, and firmographic datasets are of immense value for lead generation.

Please note that Coresignal does not provide private contact data (personal emails, phone numbers).

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Recommended datasets:
Employee data
Job posting data
Firmographic data
Continuous udpates

Continuously updated data

Structured data

Raw, well structured and ready-to-use

Rich datasets

Rich, in-depth datasets

Best data sources for lead generation

Largest Professional Network

Largest Professional Network

Data from the largest professional network consists of over 68M company records and provides you with data points such as company name, website, size, location, industry, founding date, type, and more.

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Wellfound People

Wellfound People data consists of over 12M records and provides you with data points such as name, position, school, bio, experience, and more.

Indeed Jobs

Indeed Jobs

Indeed Jobs data consists of over 154M records and provides you with data points such as title, company, location, description, company reviews, and more.

Coresignal's data is tailored for the following cases


Predicting intent

Coresignal’s extensive employee, job posting, firmographic, technographic and other datasets make it possible to evaluate purchase intent with a high degree of accuracy and predict the best time to approach a prospect.

data enrichment

Data enrichment

With hundreds of unique data points, our raw data offers an excellent opportunity to enrich already possessed lead data. This ensures higher data quality and, ultimately, more successful business outcomes.


Sales intelligence

Lead generation data is immensely useful for sales intelligence, from discovering new leads to aiding salespeople in creating or finetuning an ideal customer profile and gaining insights into prospects' and existing clients' daily business.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

Public web data for lead enrichment

Coresignal’s continuously updated public web data is especially useful for enriching existing lead databases, thanks to hundreds of unique data points from a variety of public web sources. Be sure to contact us for a free consultation on whether our data is right for you.

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Lead generation data for predicting purchase intent

B2B companies use lead generation data to predict purchase intent. For example, job postings are used to see if a company is looking to fill a C-level position and employee data reveals when the position was actually filled which signals a good time to approach the prospect with a commercial offer.

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Hundreds of unique data points

Our high-quality people and company datasets include hundreds of unique data points from 20 total sources. This richness guarantees a high degree of flexibility in how you can use the data.

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Employee data

  • General information
  • Job experience
  • Education
  • Recommendations
  • Interests and activities

Firmographic data

  • General information
  • Financial information
  • Location
  • Job listings
  • Reviews

Enhance your lead generation process

With Coresignal’s rich public web data, enhance your lead generation by enriching your lead generation data and building AI-based tools. Whether you are converting sales qualified leads, establishing marketing qualified leads, employing lead scoring, or creating AI-based lead generation tools, our raw employee and firmographic data is a powerful lead generation solution.

Company API

Use Company API to access and filter our continuously updated firmographic database directly. Please contact sales for more information.

Data enrichment

Data enrichment

Enrich your lead database with our in-depth main database of more than 792 million professionals.

Direct access

Direct access

Access our database directly and on your own terms. Pay in advance with a credit-based system.

Multiple filters

Multiple filters

Use the multiple provided filters to narrow down the search as much as you want.

Convenient delivery

Convenient delivery

Find the data you need and receive it immediately and in a structured JSON format.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

Frequently asked questions

How do you generate leads?

Generating leads involves identifying your ideal customers, creating a sales funnel, and utilizing various marketing practises to build trust and eventually convert potential clients into buyers.

What are the types of lead generation?

There are two types of lead generation: inbound and outbound. Inbound includes SEO strategy, social media, and PPCs, while outbound includes advertising, e-mails, and cold calls.

Why is lead generation important?

Lead generation is essential for business operations, specifically within sales and marketing teams. Without a successful lead generation strategy businesses won’t be able to generate enough traffic for substantial sales.

Do you provide contact data?

No, Coresignal does not provide private contact data such as personal emails or phone numbers.


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