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Lead generation

Having fresh, in-depth, and accurate data is crucial for both sales and account-based marketing. Whether B2B or B2C, our member profile and firmographic data are employed by businesses that provide tools that help their clients identify, understand, and target the ideal customer.

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Continuously updated data

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Raw, well structured and ready-to-use

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Rich, in-depth datasets


Lead generation

Coresignal’s large public resume and firmographic datasets make it possible to operate always up-to-date lead generation software and train algorithms for AI-based tools that help businesses connect to decision-makers faster than ever before.


Data enrichment

With more than 2000 total data points, our raw data offers an excellent opportunity to enrich already possessed sales data. This ensures higher data quality and, ultimately, better value for clients.


Sales intelligence

Advanced sales intelligence tools leverage our datasets to offer various immensely useful features to salespeople, ranging from prospecting or augmenting contact records to automatically adding company and industry details or providing data-backed, actionable insights.

Stay ahead of the game with the freshest data

Database API

Use Database API to access and filter our continuously updated main database directly. Please contact sales for more information.

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Data enrichment

Enrich your lead data with our in-depth main database of more than 400 million professionals.

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Direct access

Access our database directly and on your own terms. Pay in advance with a credit-based system.

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Multiple filters

Use the multiple provided filters to narrow down the search as much as you want.

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Convenient delivery

Find the data you need and receive it immediately and in a structured JSON format.


Data Points

Our high-quality professional member and firmographic datasets include more than 2000 data points from 20 total sources. This richness guarantees a high degree of flexibility in how you can use the data. Here are some of the categories:

Public resume data

General information

Job experience


Skills and abilities

Interests and activities

Company data

General information

Financial information


Job listings


Stay ahead of the game with the freshest data

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Use cases

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