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Web data use cases for lead enrichment

Boost lead qualification with in-depth company information

Web data is rich with valuable data points that can help sales teams qualify leads more accurately. Enable making better estimations of whether a lead fits your ICP definition with precise and up-to-date firmographic information.

Top data points: company_website, company_location, company_name, company_industry, company_specialties, headcount, team_composition, tech_stack

Get more data to improve lead qualification
lead enrichment improves sales prospecting

Improve your prospecting and intros with background information

Coresignal also offers employee data that is especially valuable for prospecting and engaging with qualified leads. Employee data helps sales reps evaluate if specific contacts are decision-makers or influencers. Furthermore, education, experience, and other data is beneficial for fine-tuning intros.

Top data points: profile_summary, employer_name, current_position, past_positions, location, education, certificates, industry, keywords, certifications, courses, languages

Generate more and better leads

Our datasets grow in size with new records added daily, which makes them popular among companies building lead generation engines. Various data collections help narrow down search and find highly targeted leads with rich additional information.

Top data categories: firmographic data, employee data, technographic data, product review data, and more

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