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Coresignal vs Mixrank

Coresignal vs Mixrank

See how Coresignal compares to Mixrank in 16 criteria.

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Features Coresignal Mixrank
Data statistics • 694M+ employee records
• 92M+ company records
• 399M+ job posting records
• 464M+ people records
• 20M+ company records
Rating ( 4.8 ★★★★★ N/A
Locations 200+ 200+
Number of sources 20 50+
Discovery 18M+ new records discovered monthly Unspecified
Data freshness 890M+ records checked for updates monthly 125M+ updates per month
Update frequency Daily Hourly
Data formats • JSON
• Parquet
• Other (upon request)
• PostgresSQL
Delivery methods • Via Coresignal API
• Google Cloud storage
• Azure
• AWS S3
• Direct download
• Via Mixrank API
• Cloud storage
• PostgreSQL databases
• Hosted Mixrank database
• Direct download
Database APIs
Dedicated account managers
In-line with GDPR/CCPA
Data record qualification Data is refreshed based on specific priorities related to the record's business value Data is refreshed on demand
AI-enriched data Unspecified
Data structure Consistent data structure with every delivery Unspecified

The comparison provided herein is based on public data available as of February 12, 2024. All users should verify the current status of products, services, or offerings before relying on any comparative information.

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Justas Gratulevicius

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Building trust is a key element in any business partnership. At Coresignal, we offer custom data samples, free trials, and detailed documentation. There's no hidden catch no strings attached.

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Justas Gratulevicius

Data Strategy Consultant

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Building trust is a key element in any business partnership. At Coresignal, we offer custom data samples, free trials, and detailed documentation. There's no hidden catch no strings attached.

Coresignal's data solutions

Raw data

Leverage comprehensive raw data for unique business insights.

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Clean data

Get cleaned and enriched datasets in JSONL, Parquet, or CSV.

  • AI-enriched data fields
  • Unified values
  • Easily digestible datasets
  • Multiple data formats
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Database APIs

Search, filter, and enrich with direct access to a large-scale database. 

How to select a reliable data provider?

Coverage and freshness

The number of data records and locations represent the technical capabilities of the data vendor. However, data freshness is just as important. Refreshing data systematically brings the most value to the clients and requires an experienced team that can develop the necessary infrastructure and processes.


A reliable data provider will give you all the relevant information about data quality, fill rates, data structure, and features mentioned above before and after your purchase. At Coresignal, clients are supported by dedicated account managers and get prompt technical support.

Resources for testing

It's essential to test and see if the data you’re getting from the provider meets your business needs and expectations. We encourage you to share what information is needed to evaluate our datasets or APIs properly.

Grow your business with clean data

Coresignal offers raw and clean datasets of company, employee, and job posting records, among others. Our clean data will be a time and money saver for companies that want a shorter road towards data analysis.

Reduce time to value

AI-enriched data fields

Additional data points

Refined and enriched datasets

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Frequently asked questions

What are Mixrank alternatives?

There are quite a few Mixrank competitors. Some of the prominent ones are Coresignal, Bright Data, and People Data Labs.

Why choose Coresignal over Mixrank?

If you can't decide if it's Coresignal or Mixrank, consider the following. Firstly, Coresignal offers more employee and company data records. Also, Mixrank doesn't say whether they have any job posting data.

Furthermore, Mixrank must show more information about its data structure or new records discovery. Finally, they are yet to be rated on, a leading data platform.

Datasets vs Data APIs: which is better?

For starters, datasets give you more formats. It can be Google Cloud Storage, AWS S3, or a direct link, while Data API will be JSON and XML at best. However, APIs are usually cheaper and don't require maintaining the database. They are also easy to integrate into the interface your team is familiar with.

But before you strike the deal, make sure it's with a reputable provider. You don't want to get exposed during this two-way connection. To learn more about datasets vs data APIs, check out our blog post.


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