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The Unicorns of 2022: A Closer Look at 10 New Companies on the List

Coresignal data digest number two

Indrė Ožalinskaitė

August 1, 2022

The unicorn list features companies that reached a $1 billion valuation. On this list, you can find startups from various industries and locations. At the moment, this list consists of more than 1,000 successful companies.

2021 was an exceptionally successful time for many startups, as more than 500 became unicorns.

We have decided to highlight 10 new companies that entered the list this year, in 2022: firmographics, funding deals, and headcount growth.

For this data digest, we have selected 10 relatively new (founded in 2018 or later) U.S.-based companies from various industries. These companies were selected at random; therefore, this data digest reflects only a small portion of all new unicorns. The public web data that we used in this data digest is from one of the largest professional networks and one of the most popular online startup databases.

Coresignal’s public web data allows us to dive deeper into how they were growing their teams and what funding opportunities helped them reach a $1 billion valuation this year.

Although the businesses we are analyzing in this data digest have many differences, there’s one thing that all these 10 successful companies have in common: stable and consistent headcount growth.

headcount growth of 10 unicorn companies

10 new unicorns: General company information

general information about 10 unicorn companies

Headcount growth patterns

The headcount growth trajectory of all 10 companies is similar, except for two startups, Oyster (founded in 2020) and Abnormal Security (founded in 2018). The headcount of these two companies has increased more rapidly than the other companies.

Headcount growth
Headcount growth

The smallest company in size among those we selected for this data digest is the fintech startup Phantom, which is also the youngest company among those we’ve analyzed.

The company was founded in March 2021. Even though the company seems small compared to other new unicorns, at the end of the founding year, it had around 20 employees, and the number doubled by July 2022.

Company headcount growth

10 new unicorns: Funding information

funding information of ten unicorn companies

Among the companies we’re analyzing, the highest of the recent funding deals belongs to Eikon Therapeutics.

Eikon Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development company founded in 2019.

In the last funding round, the company raised $518 million. According to CB Insights, the current valuation of Eikon Therapeutics is $3.2 billion.

The fastest company in this group to reach unicorn status is Phantom. Founded in 2021, the startup became a unicorn the following year. Phantom is a fintech company that created a wallet for Solana cryptocurrency. The startup gained unicorn status after raising $109 million in a Series B funding round.

About Coresignal Data Digest:

Data digests consist of information extracted from Coresignal’s databases. It provides unique insights into different topics through the lens of public web data we collect. Our data digests combine information from various sources that we work with and give you a brief overview of the different ways to use data from Coresignal for your business.

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