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startup data

Startup data: Do not miss the next unicorn

  • Automate your deal sourcing process
  • Discover stealth and non-stealth startup founders
  • Extract unique insights about startups and talent behind them
startup data


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What is the startup dataset?

Data dictionary
Data points Example values
Founder's name Jane Doe
Startup name IgresXT
Headcount 45
Founding year 2020
No. of startups founded 2
Unicorn experience 0
Country United States

What is the startup dataset?

Startup data is a constantly updated and expanded dataset. It contains data on startup founders. There are 60 data points in total. Sample on the left shows only 7. This data is collected from publicly available sources.

With this dataset, you can find and monitor promising founders, discover new startups, and back your investment decisions with unique insights. On top of data on founders, you will find data on their startups. Startup dataset is available in CSV format.

Innovative dataset for effortless deal sourcing

Get customized reports

You can shape this product according to your needs by selecting different filters. You can focus on founders that interest you. Based on the number of founded companies, location, industry, and/or headcount, among other filters. You can also filter their companies by certain parameters, such as "founders that have founded more/less than 10 companies" or by specific keywords.

customized reports

Save time and resources

Startup data offers a user-friendly structure. All relevant information is in one table, therefore you won't need to navigate through multiple tables. Also, it's easy to integrate with your CRM. Furthermore, it doesn't require a data team. However, a data analyst could be useful to achieve the best results and automate deal sourcing.

user-friendly data

Extract unique insights

Startup data is a full and complete database of founder and company records. We have full control of data collection processes. As a result, we can assure data freshness and optimize new founders' discovery logic, among other things. Be the first to see when new activities have been spotted in founders of your interest and don't miss the chance to spot the next unicorn.

unique data for insights
customized reports

Quicker access to actionable insights

Monthly updates

Monthly additions

New founders are added to this dataset every month.

freshest data in the market

Fresh data

The existing data records in this dataset every month.

data automation

No data team required

You get an automated feed that comes in a simple CSV file.

Why is founder data important in the startup dataset?

You can use founders' data to find the next unicorn. For example, if you notice that a founder has already founded 6 startups, that's a good sign that they know what they're doing and might raise a very successful startup company.

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How to spot an investment opportunity?

You can spot an investment opportunity by discovering a startup that was founded by someone who already has startup experience, by someone who has relevant education, or by someone who had already raised a unicorn. You can find and filter different parameters in our startup dataset until you find what you're looking for.

spot investment opportunities

Frequently asked questions

How to find startup companies to invest in?

Venture capital firms can find startup companies to invest in by filtering companies based on their size, location, founder, founding date, and more.

Startup data allows looking for new startups by discovering promising founders.

How to find early-stage startups?

The best way to find early-stage startup companies is to rely on a data provider, such as Coresignal, that collects and delivers up-to-date data to you. That way, you don't need to scrape the data on your own.

You can simply select filters of interest and get a CSV file of startup founders which you can then filter based on your interests.

What to know before investing in a startup?

You need to define the parameters of the ideal startup for you. It may be anything ranging from size, location, founding year, founder, specialties, and more.

You might want to create a segment of startups: fintech startups, technology companies, ecommerce startups, blockchain startups, and other segments.

How to find startup data?

The best way to find startup data at scale is to rely on a data provider. The startup dataset is the perfect product for that. Not only you can find the startup data, but you can also see the founders' information.

How accurate is your startup dataset?

We continuously refresh the relevant founders and companies monthly, so the data is as accurate as it could be.

What are the dataset prices?

The pricing is based on a yearly subscription flat fee which you can discuss with our sales team.

Can I get a data sample?

Yes, all you need to do is click the Request a free sample button above, fill out a short form, and our sales team will send you a data sample.

Can you combine a few datasets?

With this dataset, you don't need to combine it with anything else. All the startup data, along with the founders, is included in one table. However, if you'd like to see the talent movement in those companies, you can also check the employee dataset.

Where to buy startup data?

You can buy startup data here, at Coresignal. We will deliver a CSV file where everything is in one place so you won't have to navigate through different datasets and map different data points.


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