Coresignal vs Proxycurl

Find information and tips that will help you choose a reliable data provider and see how Coresignal's data and features compare to Proxycurl's.

FeaturesCoresignalProxycurl / Nubela
Data statistics
  • 710M+ Employee profiles
  • 106M+ Company profiles
  • 413M+ Job posting records
  • 464M+ people records
  • 20M+ company records
Rating ( ★★★★★1 ★
Number of sources204
Discovery18M+ new records discovered monthlyUnspecified
Data freshness685M+ records checked for updates monthlyProxycurl API returns records of varying freshness levels
Update frequencyDailyQuarterly
Data formats
  • JSON
  • Parquet
  • CSV
  • Other (upon request)
  • JSON
  • Parquet
Delivery methods
  • Via Coresignal API
  • Google Cloud storage
  • AWS S3
  • Azure
  • Direct download
  • Via Proxycurl API
Database APIs
Dedicated account managers
In-line with GDPR/CCPA
Data record qualificationData is refreshed based on specific priorities related to the record's business valueUnspecified
AI-enriched data
Data structureConsistent data structure with every deliveryUnspecified

The comparison provided herein is based on public data available as of May 3, 2024. All users should verify the current status of products, services, or offerings before relying on any comparative information.

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Data strategy consultant Indre Zabulyte
Indre Zabulyte
Data Strategy Consultant

There should always be a way for you to get a custom sample, free trial, or access to detailed information about the data you're getting before purchasing. Operational transparency is vital for building long-term partnerships.

Coresignal's data solutions

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Leverage extensive datasets for unique business insights.

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Database API

Database API

Search and enrich with direct access to a large-scale database.

How to select a reliable data provider?

The number of data records and locations represent the technical capabilities of the data vendor. However, data freshness is just as important. Refreshing data in a systematic way that brings the most value to the clients requires and experienced team that can develop the necessary infrastructure and processes.


A reliable data provider will give you all the relevant information about data quality, fill rates, data structure, and features mentioned above before and after you purchase. At Coresignal, clients are supported by dedicated account managers and get prompt technical support.

Resources for testing

It's essential to test and see if the data you’re getting from the provider meets your business needs and expectations. We encourage you to share what information is needed to properly evaluate our datasets or APIs.

Frequently asked questions

What are the main differences between Coresignal and Proxycurl?

The main difference between Proxycurl (Nubela) and Coresignal is the amount of data. While the former boasts 464M+ people and 20M+ company records, the latter provides 710M+ employees, 106M+ company, and 413M+ job posting records.

If that wasn't enough, there's no information about Proxycurl API. Last but not least, Proxycurl's data comes from fewer sources and covers fewer locations.

To sum up, Coresignal is a great Proxycurl alternative.

Coresignal pricing?

The prices of Coresignal's datasets start at $1250, and database APIs start at $49/month. You can learn more on our Pricing page.

What are Proxycurl alternatives?

There are quite a few Proxycurl (Nubela) alternatives. You can choose from People Data Labs, Coresignal, or Mixrank. In conclusion, you can easily find solid alternatives to Proxycurl.