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coresignal vs proxycurl

Coresignal vs Proxycurl

See how Coresignal compares to Proxycurl in terms of coverage, discovery, freshness, delivery, structure, formats, and more data features.

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Feature comparison

Features Coresignal Proxycurl / Nubela
Data statistics • 740M+ Employee profiles
• 104M+ Company profiles
• 333M+ Job posting records
• 473M+ people records
• 19M+ company profiles
Locations 200+ 6
Profile discovery 18M+ new records discovered monthly Unspecified
Data freshness 419M+ profiles checked for updates monthly Proxycurl API returns profiles of varying freshness levels.
Delivery frequency • Daily
• Weekly
• Monthly
• Quarterly
• Quarterly updates
Number of sources 20 4
Data structure Consistent data structure per deliveries Unspecified
Data formats • JSON
• Other (upon request)
• Parquet
Delivery methods • Direct download via link
• Google cloud storage (and other)
• AWS S3
• Snowflake
• Via API
• Via API
Database APIs Unspecified
Scraping APIs
Offers free API credits Path
In-line with GDPR/CCPA
Profile qualification* • Available through API
• Applied to datasets

Please note that all information on this page is based on publicly available information from data providers’ websites.

*Profile qualification is the process of refreshing data based on specific priorities. These priorities are related to the business value of the profile.

Coresignal vs other providers

See how Coresignal compares against other data vendors.

Grow your business with extensive datasets

Coresignal offers parsed, ready-to-use data for investors, HR platforms, and lead generation companies.

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419M records updated monthly

Up to 5 years of historical data

Delivery in JSON, CSV, and HTML

2.3B+ data records

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How to select a reliable data provider?

Usually, data quality is evaluated based on factors such as accuracy, completeness, uniformity, and freshness. However, in our experience, there are a few other things that are useful when selecting a reliable data vendor.

Coverage and freshness

The number of data records and locations represent the technical capabilities of the data vendor. However, data freshness is just as important as coverage. If the data provider can keep the data fresh at all times, that also reflects how reliable the provider is.

Refreshing data in a systematic way that brings the most value to the clients requires a lot of experience and capabilities. Refreshing data based on specific priorities and a sophisticated profile qualification logic requires a team that can develop the needed infrastructure and processes to collect and refresh the data this way.

Prompt and transparent communication

Being able to get all the relevant information about data quality, fill rates, data structure, and features mentioned above prior to purchasing data solutions also shows that the data provider is transparent and can be trusted. At Coresignal, we provide information about relevant metrics to our potential clients, and we can guarantee stable data delivery and consistent data structure every time.

Test first
Lastly, it’s essential to test and see if the data you’re getting from the provider meets your business needs and expectations. We encourage you to share what information is needed for you to evaluate our data and we are ready provide the resources that would be most helpful in testing our datasets or APIs.

Coresignal’s datasets and APIs

firmographic data


Dataset of 68M+ company profiles. It includes title, website URL, industry, location, and other data points.

employee data


Dataset of 673M+ employee profiles. It includes job position title, location, industry, company name, and other data points.

jobs data


Dataset of 173M+ job postings. It includes job title, location, employment type, description, and other data points.


Database APIs

Search, filter, and enrich with direct access to a large-scale database:

-Company API

-Employee API

-Jobs API

Scraping API

Scraping APIs

Get 100% fresh data records on demand using scraping APIs:

-Company scraping API

-Employee scraping API

-Jobs scraping API

lead generation

Historical headcount API

-7M+ companies

-Historical data since 2016

-Hard-to-get data at scale

-Filter by location, industry, and more firmographic data points

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Get instant access to millions of employee and company data records and try our APIs on your own terms before committing.

200 free credits for new users

Search query generator

Data dictionary and samples

Step-by-step tutorials

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