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Compare the solutions, data quality and extra features offered by the top providers working with professional network data.

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TOP 4 company data providers

Features Coresignal Brightdata People Data Labs Mixrank
Data statistics • 646M+ Employee profiles
• 67M+ Company profiles
• 156M+ Job postings
• 426M Profiles (companies & people) • 28M+ Companies
• 3B+ Members
• 500M+ People data records
• 45M+ Company records
Profile discovery 18M+ new records discovered monthly Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Delivery frequency Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly Monthly Monthly, quarterly Hourly intervals possible
Data freshness 250M+ updates a month* Unspecified Unspecified 170M+ updates a month
Data structure Consistent data structure per deliveries Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Data formats • JSON
• Other (upon request)
• ndJSON
• Excel
• PostgresSQL
Delivery methods • Direct download via link
• Google cloud storage (and other)
• AWS S3
• Snowflake
• Google Cloud Storage
• AWS Google Drive
• Direct download via link
• AWS S3
• Snowflake
• Direct download
• Cloud storage
• PostgreSQL databases
• Hosted Mixrank database

Please note that all information on this page is based on publicly available information from data providers’ websites. *At Coresignal, "updates" mean profiles that were checked or (and) updated.

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Features Coresignal Brightdata People Data Labs Mixrank
Database APIs Path
Scraping APIs Path
Provides GDPR/CCPA-related information Unspecified
Profile qualification* Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Historical data 7+ years Up to 1 year Path 8+ years

*Profile qualification is the process of refreshing data based on specific priorities. These priorities are related to the business value of the profile.

How to choose a reliable data provider?

Traditionally, data quality is measured based on factors such as how accurate, complete, uniform, and fresh it is. However, in our experience, there are a few other criteria that are helpful when choosing a reliable data provider.

One of them is coverage,  the number of data records and locations,  which shows the technical capabilities of the data provider. Just as important is data freshness. Besides being an important factor for businesses, data freshness also reflects the expertise of the data provider.

Refreshing data and doing it in a systematic way that brings the most value to the clients, for example, by refreshing data based on specific priorities and profile qualification logic, requires years of experience and a capable, client-focused team that can build the required infrastructure and processes to collect and update the data.

Being able to get all the relevant information about data quality, specifications such as fill rates or data structure stability, and features mentioned above also shows that the data provider is transparent and can be trusted. At Coresignal, we provide information about metrics like fill rates (fill rates reflect the percentage of empty fields in data you’re getting) to our potential clients, and we can ensure stable data delivery and consistent data structure with every delivery as well.

Lastly, it’s essential to test and see if the data you’re getting from the provider meets your business needs and expectations.

Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative

Coresignal is a proud founding member of the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI). Here's what EWDCI does:

  • Advocates for responsible web data collection and use of personal data;
  • Educates and guides the industry on the use of ethical resources and tools used in web data collection;
  • Fosters consumer confidence in data collection through transparency and accountability;
  • Enables commercial innovation and promotes online safety.

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Coresignal offers parsed, ready-to-use data for investors, HR platforms, and lead generation companies.

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419M records updated monthly

70 months of historical data

Delivery in JSON, CSV, and HTML

2.3B+ data records

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Coresignal’s datasets and APIs


Dataset of 67M+ company profiles. It includes title, website URL, industry, location, and other data points. Company data is often used for investing, building HR platforms, and market research.


Dataset of 646M+ employee profiles. It includes job position title, location, industry, company name, and other data points. Employee data is valuable for investment, lead generation, and HR.


Dataset of 156M+ job postings. It includes job title, location, employment type, description, and other data points. Jobs data is valuable for investment, lead generation, and HR.

Database APIs

Search, filter, and enrich with direct access to a large-scale database:

-Company API

-Employee API

-Jobs API

Scraping APIs

Get 100% fresh data records on demand using scraping APIs:

-Company scraping API

-Employee scraping API

-Jobs scraping API

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