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20 Data Visualization Quotes by Industry Experts

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April 15, 2021

Data visualization is the big thing these days. It's the key to making a company's story more compelling, a scientific concept more understandable, or a politician's speech more memorable.

But how do you make data visualization come alive with just a few lines of text?

Here are 20 data visualization quotes by industry experts to help you make your point.

Data visualization effectiveness

1. "The effectiveness of data visualization can be gauged by its simplicity, relevancy, and its ability to hold the user's hand during their data discovery journey." — Jagat Saikia

2. "Due to the increasingly enormous amount of data available, analytics must be represented visually and be immediately comprehensible. AI algorithms need to extract pertinent facts and the platform should enable the user to go from a macro picture to a granular analysis in one click.” Ludovic Gallen

3. "One of the most challenging components of data visualization is that oftentimes the story you need to tell is complex, dynamic, and multidimensional. However, the standard tools we have are flat, static, and designed for paper. Decomposing the dynamic nature of the narrative embedded within your data into a storyboard format is one of the best ways to ensure your key points are effectively received by your intended audience." — Thomas Rhodes

4. "Data visualization is the language of decision making. Good charts effectively convey information. Great charts enable, inform, and improve decision making." — Dante Vitagliano

5. "Measure the most you can and show the least you can." — Danique Roefs

Data visualization usefulness

6. "Data visualization is a great way to simplify data and show it in a form that is understandable, insightful, and actionable. Data visualization is being increasingly seen as the vital final step of any successful data-driven analytics plan." — Caroline Lee, CocoSign

7. "Data visualizations must communicate answers and provide business outcomes. If the data feeding an analytics dashboard is not trusted, the results are meaningless. If the visualizations do not answer important business questions, the visualizations are not actionable." — Katie Horvath

8. "It is true that data visualization is part data science and part art. That being said, even the most creative art is supported by theories that explain why it works." — Michiko I. Wolcott

9. "In converting data into decision-enabling insights, the data visualization usually is the final step of the delivery. If a person has a limited amount of time to grasp how a certain business area or industry performs, visualizations are the best choice. They allow more pieces of information to be combined and allow trends to be spotted much faster than when analyzing tabular data." — Michael Sena

10. "Data visualization is powerful. Still, data storytelling is the thing driving decision-makers. People take action when they interact with a data-evidenced proof of the story." — Monika Piekarska

Future of data visualization

11. "Nowadays, businesses suffer from information overload, which may lead to the situation when prominent data remains off the radar. By compressing data from multiple reports into visuals, businesses can uncover data patterns and connections that matter in a timely fashion." — Maryna Chernik

12. "How we visualize data will evolve into more complex forms that better communicate uncertainty and complexity." — Amanda Makulec

13. "Data visualization is an aid from the beginning to the end of the typical data science pipeline. It improves the understanding and communication of the data for both data experts and end users." — Samara Vazquez Perez

Data visualization process

14. “You can achieve simplicity in the design of effective charts, graphs and tables by remembering three fundamental principles: restrain, reduce, emphasize.” — Garr Reynolds

15. "Make all visual distinctions as subtle as possible, but still clear and effective." — Edward Tufte

16. “An editorial approach to visualization design requires us to take responsibility to filter out the noise from the signals, by identifying the most valuable, most striking or most relevant dimensions of the subject matter in question.” — Andy Kirk

17. "I feel that every day, all of us now are being blasted by information design. It's being poured into our eyes through the Web, and we're all visualizers now; we're all demanding a visual aspect to our information. There's something almost quite magical about visual information. It's effortless; it literally pours in." — David McCandless

18. “The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures” — Ben A. Shneiderman

19. "Data visualization transforms data into powerful visualizations and provides tactical, operational, and strategic insights. No longer merely a spreadsheet, business intelligence visualizations can be used for everything from providing analysis of cybersecurity patterns, to managing workplace efficiency for global companies." — Jason Beres

20. "Data visualization helps to bridge the gap between numbers and words." — Brie E. Anderson

Hopefully these quotes will inspire you to learn more about data visualization. Data visualization is important for data analysis generally and insight processes. Keep the importance of data visualization in mind when using data to inform your business decisions.

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