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Data Analysis

20 Data Science Quotes by Industry Experts

Data Science and Analytics Quotes
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January 24, 2023

Data science is a broad field that touches on virtually every business domain, from manufacturing to medicine, from finance to publishing.

But how do data specialists think about data and analytics?

We have collected 20 data science quotes from industry experts, providing unique insights to what it means to practice data science within different industries.

1. "It’s easy to lie with statistics. It’s hard to tell the truth without statistics.” — Andrejs Dunkels

Data Science Quote by Andrejs Dunkels

2. "In God we trust; all others must bring data." — William Edwards Deming

Data Quote by William Edwards Deming

3. " Wrangling data is like interrogating a prisoner. Just because you wrangled a confession doesn’t mean you wrangled the answer." — Brad Schneider

Data Science Quote by Brad Schneider

Insightful Quotes

4. "Data isn’t units of information. Data is a story about human behavior - about real people's wants, needs, goals and fears. Never let the numbers, platforms, charts and methodologies cloud your vision. Our real job with data is to better understand these very human stories, so we can better serve these people. Every goal your business has is directly tied to your success in understanding and serving people." — Daniel Burstein

Data Science Quote by Daniel Burstein

5. "Data science is a combination of three things: quantitative analysis (for the rigor required to understand your data), programming (to process your data and act on your insights), and narrative (to help people comprehend what the data means)." — Darshan Somashekar

Data Quote by Darshan Somashekar

6. "In the next two to three years, consumer data will be the most important differentiator. Whoever is able to unlock the reams of data and strategically use it will win." — Eric McGee

Data Science Quote by Eric McGee

7. "A data scientist combines hacking, statistics, and machine learning to collect, scrub, examine, model, and understand data. Data scientists are not only skilled at working with data, but they also value data as a premium product." — Erwin Caniba

Data Science Quote by Erwin Caniba

8. "Banks, insurance and healthcare companies all have decades of historical, transactional customer data stored on their mainframe. Mining that data can deliver great value and be used to develop predictive models by analyzing customer behavior in order to offer new, tailor-made solutions, and anticipate customer needs. It has therefore become a strategic priority for visionary business leaders to unlock data and integrate it with cloud-based BI and analytic tools." — Gil Peleg

Data Science Quote by Gil Peleg

9. "The role of data analytics in an organization is to provide a greater level of specificity to discussion." — Jeff Zeanah

Data Science Quote by Jeff Zeanah

Amusing quotes

10. "Data is the language of the powerholders." — Jodi Petersen

Data Analytics Quote by Jodi Petersen

11. "Data science isn't about the quantity of data but rather the quality." — Joo Ann Lee

Analytics Quote by Joo Ann Lee

12. "Data is the nutrition of artificial intelligence. When an AI eats junk food, it's not going to perform very well." — Matthew Emerick

Analytics Quote by Matthew Emerick

13. "If someone reports close to a 100% accuracy, they are either lying to you, made a mistake, forecasting the future with the future, predicting something with the same thing, or rigged the problem." — Matthew Schneider

Data Science Quote by Matthew Schneider

14. "Analytics is 50% math and 50% communication. If a person cannot express their ideas in written or presentation format, it doesn't matter if they can do the math." — Mia Umanos

Data Science Quote by Mia Umanos

Data analytics quotes

15. "No major multinational organization can ever expect to clean up all of its data – it's a never-ending journey. Instead, knowing which data sources feed your BI apps, and the accuracy of data coming from each source, is critical." — Mike Dragan

Data Science Quotes by Mike Dragan

16. "In today's Big Data world, companies rely on data scientists to extract insights from their vast, ever-expanding and diversified data sets... Many people think of data science as a job, but it's more accurate to think of it as a way of thinking, a means of extracting insights through the scientific method." — Thilo Huellmann

Data Analytics Quote by Thilo Huellmann

17. "Everyone has the right to use company data to grow the business. Everyone has the responsibility to safeguard the data and protect the business." — Travis James Fell

Data Science Quote by Travis James Fell

18. "All analytics models do well at what they are biased to look for." — Matthew Schneider

Data Science Quote by Matthew Schneider

19. "One cannot create a mosaic without the hard small marble bits known as 'facts' or 'data'; what matters, however, is not so much the individual bits as the sequential patterns into which you organize them, then break them up and reorganize them'" — Timothy Robinson

Data Science Quote by Timothy Robinson

20. "Data is like a faint light when you're lost in a dark room. Follow it, try to make sense of it, and you might actually know where you are and what's around you." — David Sides

Data Science Quote by David Sides

Hopefully these quotes will inspire you to learn more about data science and analytics. Data science is a field that requires your constant attention. Keep the importance of data in mind to inform your business decisions in your industry.

Do you have a quote worth sharing? Send it our way!

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