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Coresignal’s self-service API tool: The easy way to find and get relevant data records from our database



August 24, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil the Coresignal self-service API tool! Interested customers now have the opportunity to try the tool at no cost and get instant access to our data without talking to sales.

To facilitate a seamless start, we provide code examples and instructions specifically tailored for first-time users.

What is Coresignal’s self-service API tool?

The new API tool combines multiple functionalities:

  • You can buy API credits without talking to sales;
  • You can explore our database and test our data;
  • You can try Employee and Company APIs for free;
  • You can generate search queries in seconds and save them;
  • You can see our data dictionary and samples;
  • You can see and manage your credit balance.
  • This article explains the main functionalities of the self-service API tool, and how to use our APIs directly.

While the tool is a semi-automated version of the search functionality of our API, data collection must be done directly via API.

API credits

There are two types of API credits:

Search credits. One successfully executed search query equals one search credit. Each new user gets 400 search credits for free.

Collect credits. 1 successfully collected profile equals 1 collect credit. Each new user gets 200 collect credits for free.

api self service tool

Query generator

The query generator makes it easy to generate Elasticsearch (ES)-powered queries specifically designed for our Employee API and Company API. You can find the generator in the menu bar or the Overview page.

Query filters

Search queries consist of filters. These filters are specific requirements that profiles (data records) need to meet in order to be included in the search results. Here are a couple of examples:

  • country is United States
  • industry is IT

You have the flexibility to use any data field from data records accessible via our Employee or Company API as filters. You can see the available data points in the dropdown menu of the Select filters and enter values section, or you can check the data dictionary before getting started.

Each query generator filter comprises three parts: the field, the operator, and the value. The operator is always equal.

In the visual representation below, every row of input corresponds to a single filter within the query. To add more filters to the query, simply click the Add more button.

Conversely, you can remove the existing filters by clicking the red X button that appears next to each filter when more than one has been selected.

Please note that when you're using the query generator, all filters are connected by the AND operation during the query evaluation process. This means that for a profile to match the query, it must satisfy all values and filters.

api self service tool

Building a search query

Select data

This field specifies which dataset you will be accessing. At the moment, you can access Employee and Company datasets using the query generator. In the near future, more datasets will be connected to the dashboard and the query builder.

Select filters

In the Select filters and enter values step, you can add any filter from the dropdown menu to find relevant data records. You can select multiple filters at once. For example: country and industry.

Enter/Select values

This field allows you to enter unique values of the profile requirements defined by filters.

If the filter is country, then the value must be a country name, such as United States.

If there are multiple values, it can be a list of country names separated by commas (with spaces).

If the result list does not fulfill your requirements, you can adjust the search and try inserting multiple values after running the query.

Please note that values must be a direct representation of how they are stored in our database. If you would like to see how each of the fields is documented in our database, please check the data dictionaries and samples available in the dashboard or contact us.

Generating a search query

Once you have selected all filters and values, press Generate query. After the search query is executed, you will be able to see the number of matches in our database based on selected parameters.

The Generated sample tab shows 1 profile (also referred to as data record) for each search query that matches your search criteria. You can generate up to 5 different results for 5 different search queries.

The Search query tab shows the query corresponding with your request. Search queries are presented in multiple formats, allowing you to easily copy and paste them into your application code or save it for later. Any version of the generated search query on the right can be copied and used in your preferred environment.

Collecting all data

To access all records, click the Continue button on the query generator page. Data collection must be done directly via API. To learn more, read the tutorial.

How to retrieve the API token?

You can always find the API token on the Overview page.

Does Coresignal offer a free API trial?

Yes, all new users get 200 free API credits, which can be used for search and collection of data records from our database. Free credits are valid for 2 months after signing up.

How to buy API credits?

We offer multiple API plans suitable for businesses of any size, including a pay-as-you-go option, monthly plans and annual plans for larger data projects, building data-driven products and large-scale data analysis.

The easiest way to buy a fixed number of API credits is to sign up to the self-service tool and get a pay-as-you-go plan. You can buy credits this way whenever you need without talking to sales. If you’re interested in monthly and annual plans, or have any questions about API plans, contact our sales team.

Try Database APIs for free

Sign up and get 200 free credits.

Boost your growth

See a variety of datasets that will help your business growth.



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