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Don’t bother with a StackShare scraper. Get a fresh dataset.

If you're thinking about a StackShare scraper, consider getting a ready-to-use StackShare dataset, instead. Save time and resources with extensive and continuously refreshed data. To scrape StackShare data, your company will need to build and maintain scraping tools, which also often encounter anti-scraping solutions.

What is StackShare data?

Data Points Example Values
Title Machine Learning Engineer
Location San Francisco, CA, US
Remote true
Tools Dream-framework, hadoop
Company name Pinterest
Company stack URL

What is StackShare data?

Our StackShare data consists of the following datasets: StackShare Companies, StackShare Tools, and StackShare Jobs. StackShare data is a great technographic data source, containing information about companies’ tech stacks. This data can be used to make tech stack-related decisions for market research, investment, or lead generation.

Download the full sample to check our data structure and dictionary.

Why are datasets better than scrapers?

Features StackShare datasets StackShare scrapers
Simple to use
Stable delivery and formats
Historic changes
Data collection and expertise required
Real-time data

*if going for large volumes of data

Get a StackShare dataset

Contact our sales and they will help you navigate your data needs.

Unique StackShare dataset features

Global coverage

Our StackShare dataset contains 300K+ data records, covering locations from across the globe.

Fresh data

Our StackShare datasets are updated on a monthly basis, keeping the data fresh and ready-to-use.

Historical data

We can offer over 40 months of historical StackShare data for an even more in-depth analysis.

Enhance your sales and marketing strategies

Scraped StackShare data allows businesses to build more personalized campaigns when approaching specific clients. Analyzing the tech stacks of companies you’re targeting gives you insights into what solutions they might be lacking.

Extract actionable insights

Technographic data allows companies to extract actionable insights about what technologies are popular and might interest specific companies. This information is usually needed for sales and marketing teams, but insights about companies’ tech stacks are also used for market research or investment intelligence.

Why do 400+ companies choose Coresignal?

Always fresh datasets

At Coresignal, the datasets are always fresh. That’s why you don’t need to bother with scrapers anymore.

Dedicated account managers

Our dedicated account managers will always be there to help you navigate the data world.

Responsible data collection

We believe in ethical data collection, therefore you won’t have to worry about data compliance issues.

Data at scale

Our large data coverage will cover all your data-related needs.

Stable service

We take care of all data collection issues. All you need to do is use it.

Convenient delivery

We deliver data in JSON, CSV, and HTML. Choose what’s best for you.

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