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Don’t bother with Owler scraper. Get a fresh dataset.

If you're thinking about an Owler scraper, consider getting a ready-to-use Owler dataset instead to save time and resources. Building a scraper for data extraction from this source can be challenging and costly. A dataset with already scraped public data is an excellent solution for companies looking to extract actionable insights. The data you're getting is parsed, structured, and fresh.

What is Owler data?

Data Points Example Values
Name IT Company
Employee count 307600
Followers 131342
Is SEO eligible 1
Summary/td> IT Company (NYSE: ITC) is a multinational technology corporation founded by John Doe in 1950...
Ownership Public
Revenue 5836000000
Ticker IT Company
Exchange NYSE
SIC code 7371

What is Owler data?

We offer a large-scale company dataset from Owler. The Owler Companies dataset consists of over 8 million profiles and includes data about businesses, their financial information, social media presence, CEOs, and the main leadership, workforce, and more. With this scraped data, you see such data points as the founding date, revenue, location, etc.

Why are datasets better than scrapers?

Features Owler datasets Owler scrapers
Simple to use
Stable delivery and formats
Historic changes
Data collection and expertise required
Real-time data

*if going for large volumes of data

Get an Owler dataset

Contact our sales and they will help you navigate your data needs.

Unique Owler dataset features

Global coverage

Our Owler dataset contains 8.4M+ company profiles from all over the world for a well-rounded coverage.

Fresh data

The majority of records in our Owler datasets are updated on a monthly basis, keeping the data fresh and ready-to-use.

Historical data

We can offer over 80 months of historical Owler data for an even more in-depth analysis.

Time-saving solution for investors

If you plan to use Owler data to make informed, data-driven investment decisions, getting this data at scale will require scraped data. Building an Owler scraper can be challenging and requires adequate technical resources.

With years of experience in public web data collection and an established global infrastructure, we can offer already scraped data, allowing you to focus on insights about companies you're interested in.

Extensive dataset for actionable insights

If you’re looking to extract actionable insights about companies relevant to you, potential clients or competitors, an extensive and continuously updated dataset is a powerful tool to enable that.

The variety of data points you’re getting with this dataset makes it suitable for sales tech or  investment strategies. Other companies in any industry can leverage this data for in-depth research and/or company monitoring.

Why do 400+ companies choose Coresignal?

Always fresh datasets

At Coresignal, the datasets are always fresh. That’s why you don’t need to bother with scrapers anymore.

Dedicated account managers

Our dedicated account managers will always be there to help you navigate the data world.

Responsible data collection

We believe in ethical data collection, therefore you won’t have to worry about data compliance issues.

Data at scale

Our large data coverage will cover all your data-related needs.

Stable service

We take care of all data collection issues. All you need to do is use it.

Convenient delivery

We deliver data in JSON, CSV, and HTML. Choose what’s best for you.

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