Forecast market trends

  • Predict technological advancements
  • Anticipate future market movements
  • Shape forward-thinking business strategies
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How our clients use web data for market trend forecasting

Predicting market trends

Predict technological advancements

Forecast market trends, especially in technological advancements. Product listings and reviews can indicate product popularity and market fit. At the same time, employee data and job postings, including required skills, are powerful sources of information for grasping current and future tech trends.

These predictive insights are crucial for staying ahead in fast-evolving industries.

Top data points: industry, product_ratings_count, product_categories, product_ratings_average, position_title, skills, salary, tech_stack

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Anticipate future market movements

Gain insights into competitors' strategies, strengths, and weaknesses by analyzing company growth trends (historical data), funding data, employee reviews, product ratings, and more. This comprehensive analysis allows for a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

Top data points: headcount, average_tenure, team_composition, revenue,company_pros, company_cons, product_rating, company_rating, active_job_postings

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Anticipating future market trends

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Data strategy consultant Ugnius Zasimauskas
Ugnius Zasimauskas
Data Strategy Consultant

Forecasting market trends is not an easy task. And without accurate data, it becomes virtually impossible. That's why I recommend having the most comprehensive dataset as before delving deep into analysis.