Talent mapping for strategic growth

  • Analyze fresh and historical data on talent and companies
  • Generate insights about global talent
  • Predict future talent needs
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How our clients use web data for talent mapping

Create an overview of the talent landscape

Power solutions that enable analyzing the competition’s talent, helping companies evaluate their workforce’s potential weak points and competitive advantage. From specific positions to salaries, company ratings, and other data, gain a better understanding of employees' position in the labor market.

Top data points: position_title, education, experience_company, experience_description, certifications, courses, languages, median_pay

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Talent landscape
Data for detailed talent insights

Highlight areas of strength and skill gaps

In talent mapping, it's crucial first to identify skill proficiency and gaps, ensuring employees are well-suited and developed for their roles. Equally important is gauging employee morale, as it significantly influences productivity and workplace dynamics.

Lastly, leadership analysis reveals how leaders impact team performance and organizational culture. Addressing these areas provides a comprehensive understanding of an organization's human capital, essential for strategic growth and development.

Top data points: skills, company_pros, company_cons, rating_overall, rating_ceo, rating_culture

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