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Don’t bother with a Craft scraper. Get a fresh dataset.

If you’re looking for a Craft scraper, then it’s surely better for you to save time and resources with a fresh Craft dataset instead. Craft scraping tools often encounter anti-scraping measures that are difficult to overcome. That’s why we’ve done the data extraction from Craft for you and came up with a complete and fresh dataset.

What is Craft data?

Data Points Example Values
ID craft_company_0000000
Source ID 0000000
Name Electronics Technology Company
Revenue 330271000
Prepaid expenses 3920000
Retained earnings 100007700
Tax rate null
Total assets 540856100
Total debt 0
Currency $

What is Craft data?

Craft data contains data on companies. This is the same data you would get scraping Craft yourself, only structured into a complete dataset.

Why are datasets better than scrapers?

Features Craft datasets Craft scrapers
Simple to use
Stable delivery and formats
Historic changes
Data collection and expertise required
Real-time data

*if going for large volumes of data

Get a free consultation

Get a Craft dataset

Contact our sales and they will help you navigate your data needs.

Unique Craft dataset features

Global Craft dataset

Global coverage

Our Craft dataset contains 504K data records from all over the world for a well-rounded coverage.

Monthly data updates

Fresh data

All 504K of our Craft data records are updated on a monthly basis, keeping the data fresh and ready-to-use.

New records every month

New records

New Craft records are added every month.

Analyze company health

As the source itself is built for discovering and evaluating potential suppliers, Craft data has proven to be a popular data source among investment firms that need to analyze potential deals and dive deeper than surface-level firmographics.

Assess risks

Various data points present in each Craft data record, such as financial statements, stock price history, earnings, liabilities, etc, cover crucial aspects that are invaluable in the risk assessment process.

Why do 400+ companies choose Coresignal?

Fresh datasets

Always fresh datasets

At Coresignal, the datasets are always fresh. That’s why you don’t need to bother with scrapers anymore.

Account managers

Dedicated account managers

Our dedicated account managers will always be there to help you navigate the data world.

Ethical data collection

Responsible data collection

We believe in ethical data collection, therefore you won’t have to worry about data compliance issues.

Large data coverage

Data at scale

Our large data coverage will cover all your data-related needs.

Service stability

Stable service

We take care of all data collection issues. All you need to do is use it.

Convenient delivery methods

Convenient delivery

We deliver data in JSON, CSV, and HTML. Choose what’s best for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I use a Craft scraper or a Craft dataset?

Ultimately, it all depends on your goals. If you need to collect large amounts of data and store it in one place for business purposes, a complete and fresh dataset is simpler to use, requires no data collection expertise, and is more cost-effective. In case you get a Craft scraper, you will need to set it up, do regular maintenance, and constantly re-scrape to keep the data fresh. If you get a Craft dataset, we will keep it fresh for you.