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Changes And Layoffs at Twitter Through the Lens of Public Web Data

changes and layoffs at twitter

Indre Akrute

December 14, 2022

Social media company Twitter has been making the headlines this year after announcing a $44 billion acquisition deal with Elon Musk in April 2022. We are using public web data to see what this year was like for Twitter in terms of losing employees.

Public web data on professionals and companies allows you to generate actionable business insights about talent, talent movement between companies, significant headcount changes in organizations you’re interested in, and more.

For this data digest, we have analyzed public web data on Twitter employees who left the company this year. This data represents former employees who changed their workplace from Twitter to any other company since January, 2022.

How many people left Twitter throughout this year?

Data shows that over 2,200 people left Twitter between January and the end of November this year. It is likely that the majority of people who left the company recently haven’t updated their public profiles with information about a new job position at a different company.

The number of employees leaving twitter

Since the beginning of 2022, the number of Twitter employees on the largest social network of professionals has decreased by 19%.

Where former Twitter employees are working right now

In total, more than 520 companies welcomed former Twitter employees to their teams this year.

According to available public data, these are the top 5 new workplaces among those who left Twitter this year:

Where former twitter employees are working right now

Among the new companies, there are more well-known company names, such as Spotify, AWS, TikTok, Pinterest, Stripe, DoorDash, Microsoft, Reddit, Snap, and more.

Data on the current workplaces of 49% of former employees included in this data digest isn’t available. As mentioned above, it is likely that some people who left the company recently haven't added information about a new job yet.

About Coresignal Data Digest:

Data digests consist of information extracted from Coresignal’s databases. It provides unique insights into different topics through the lens of public web data we collect. Our data digests combine information from various sources that we work with and give you a brief overview of the different ways to use data from Coresignal for your business.

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