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  • Evaluate potential investments
  • Assess financial stability
  • Identify risks and opportunities
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How our clients use web data for due diligence

Evaluate company potential for investment

Evaluate potential investments

Assess the viability and prospects of potential investment opportunities. This involves scrutinizing target companies' business model, market position, and competitive landscape to gauge their long-term potential.

Top data points: company_name, company_size, company_industry, company_description, company_specialties, similar_companies, active_job_postings

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Assess financial stability

Conduct a thorough analysis of the financial records of companies. This step is critical to understanding their fiscal strength, revenue streams, profitability, and financial risks.

Top data points: headcount, ownership, revenue, total funding_amount, last_funding_type, active_job_postings, total_debt

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Assess company financial stability with web data
Identify investment risks and opportunities with quality company data

Identify risks and opportunities

Examine both internal and external factors. Internally, this includes evaluating signals on how employees rate the company, its culture, and management.

Externally, it involves analyzing market trends, the overall industry picture, and the competitive landscape. This assessment helps identify potential risks and uncover hidden opportunities.

Top data points: similar_companies, headcount, product_ratings_average, company_review_pros, company_review_cons, company_rating_culture, company_rating_overall, patents

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Database API

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Leverage extensive datasets for unique business insights.

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Company data features

Dataset for in-depth analysis

Power your product or analysis with multi-source data on 35M+ unique companies. The unmatched level of detail in every record, over 300 data points, allows you to extract unique insights and gain a panoramic understanding of businesses worldwide. This multi-source dataset also contains additional data fields with insights powered by AI and years of historical data.

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