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Raw data for insight extraction

Coresignal is a leading provider of raw alternative data scraped from public web sources. We offer access to an up-to-date database consisting of user profiles and company records from professional networks and business-related sites.

Besides people and company data, we also offer other sources in these categories:

  • Firmographic data
  • Company funding data 
  • Company and product reviews 
  • Communities and repositories 
  • Technographic data 
  • Job postings data  
  • Patents 
  • Social media 

With more than three years in business and a team of 15 highly skilled professionals, Coresignal prides itself on offering excellent customer service, including dedicated account managers and free consultations. 

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Raw and rich data for full freedom of insight extraction

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Scraped with our own fully controlled operation

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Data from 190+ countries


Unique data points

Our high-quality People and Company datasets include more than a hundred unique data points. This richness guarantees a high degree of flexibility in how you can use the data. Here are some of the categories:

User profiles

General information

Job experience


Skills and abilities

Interests and activities

Company records

General information

Financial information


Job listings


Use cases

Investors use our People and Company datasets to:

  • Screen startups and industries showing early signs of growth
  • Identify companies hungry for the next investment
  • Check if a startup is about to reach the next maturity phase
  • Identify and predict a startup's potential at the founding moment
  • Capture early-stage companies and products that are well-received and talked about

These are just some of the many ways to use our datasets. If you would like a free consultation on whether our data is right for you, feel free to contact sales and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Always fresh data

Every month we update 100M+ high-value professional and company records, so that you could always stay one step ahead.


Historical data

With 20 months worth of data, our datasets can be used to test models and forecast trends, such as the growth of different industries and market sectors.


Data for AI/ML models

By incorporating our datasets into algorithmic investment models, generate trade signals and make winning decisions.

Stay ahead of the game with the freshest data

Why Coresignal?

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Continuously updated data

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Raw, well structured and ready-to-use

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Rich datasets

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Multiple data sources

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Dedicated account managers

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Stay ahead of the game with the freshest data

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Use cases

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