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employee scraping api

Employee scraping API: Get the most up-to-date profiles

Use Employee scraping API to get 100% fresh public data about business professionals on demand.

  • Ideal for on-demand retrieval of professional profiles
  • Get data from the largest professional network
  • Extract the most up-to-date employee data
  • Immediately get data in structured JSON or HTML
Employee scraping API
Pricing for employee scraping API

Starting from $1000/month

Success rate

99.99% success rate

Uptime information

Simple integration

How does the Employee scraping API work?


Provide URLs

Provide the scraper with specific profile URLs and choose the format to receive the job ID.


Get data

When the job is completed, you will get notified and receive fresh data.

Stay informed about changes

Make sure you have the most accurate data about profiles relevant to you and stay ahead of your competitors.

Talent data for recruitment

Data-driven recruitment

Keep your talent data up-to-date by using our Employee scraping API to refresh it.

Investment intelligence

Investment intelligence

Monitor changes that might lead to promising investment opportunities, such as founders of new startups or serial founders.

Lead generation

Lead generation

Don't miss changes in job positions you monitor for lead generation purposes in specific locations, industries, and companies.

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Powerful solution for small-scale projects

Employee Scraping API allows you to scrape specific employee public data records whenever you need it.

Easy to integrate and use

  • Detailed and constantly improved documentation
  • Step-by-step guide for first-time users

Dedicated account managers

  • Expertise and experience in web data collection
  • Exceptional client support standards
  • Transparent and prompt communication about data processes

Frequently asked questions

What is Employee Scraping API?

An Employee scraping API (application programming interface) is a tool for extracting publicly available employee data from a professional network using specific URLs.

Why use the Employee scraping API?

You can use the Employee scraping API when you need to get 100% fresh data about business professionals on demand using specific URLs. This tool is an excellent solution for smaller-scale projects where access to freshest data from professional profiles is a priority.

What is the difference between Employee API and Employee scraping API?

Employee API is a database API that gives you direct access to our main database with already scraped employee data. You can use this API to search and retrieve data on business professionals from our database or enrich your data with additional records or data points.

Employee scraping API is a tool that allows you to scrape publicly available data from the web using specific URLs you already have by yourself whenever you need.

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