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Database API

Database API

  • Filter, retrieve and enrich company and resume records
  • Two methods for data retrieval: search and 1:1 URL matching
  • Multiple search filters and convenient delivery
  • Pay only for the records you care about

Immediate data delivery

Simple use and integration

Retrieve rich, in-depth records

Easily retrieve resume and firmographic records

Companies can leverage up-to-date public resume data and firmographic data with Coresignal’s Database API. With over 100 public resume and firmographic data points, such as company location, size, industry, and revenue, companies can generate business opportunities, discover industry trends, and unlock market insights. 

Companies can discover insights on key players with Coresignal’s public resume data. With access to over 465 million professional profiles, companies can unlock insights on professionals all over the world. Additionally, Coresignal’s 40 million company profiles can help businesses and investors stay ahead of the competition.

Database API use cases

Investment intelligence

From screening startups showing early signs of growth to identifying companies hungry for the next investment, easily get quality data for investment intelligence.

Lead generation

Give your lead gen platform a boost or improve your sales efforts with fresh records of professionals and companies from all around the world.

Data enrichment

Database API's ideal for data enrichment thanks to convenient URL matching for both professionals and companies.

Two methods for data retrieval

Our main people and company datasets can be queried in two ways via Database API.

Search icon, company information api


Use specific parametric filters, such as location, industry, size, job title or specific keywords to narrow down your search and pull URL lists.

Data enrichment


Enrich your own data using specific URLs as input to pull full records thanks to 1:1 type matching.

Boost your business with fresh raw data

With Database API, retrieve rich, high-quality resume and company records from our main data source. Our full data offering includes a total of 8 data categories.

See full data offering

Public resume data

  • Track talent movement for investment opportunities
  • Source best-fit talent for your recruitment needs
  • Fuel your lead generation pipeline

Firmographic data

  • See the full company picture
  • Map company locations
  • Dig deep into company structures


Database API is the most straightforward way to access and filter our continuously updated main database.

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Pay for results

With Database API, you can search as much as you want and pay only for specific results.

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Direct access

Access our database directly and on your own terms. Pay in advance with a credit-based system.


Multiple filters

Use the multiple provided filters to narrow down the search as much as you want.

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Convenient delivery

After finding the data you need, receive it immediately in a structured JSON file.


Unique data points

Our high-quality public resume and firmographic data include more than a hundred unique data points. This richness guarantees a high degree of flexibility in how you can use the data. Our main data categories include:

Public resume data

General information

Interests and activities

Skills and abilities

Job experience


Company data

General information

Industry and type




Frequently asked questions

What is a Company Database API?

Company Database API (application programming interface) is a software that is designed to retrieve data upon getting requests. Database APIs, more largely, require software libraries, which are collections of resources that help configure data, provide subroutines, and fulfill requests.

How does the Company Database API work?

Company Database APIs work by fulfilling a company lookup requested by a user. First, users input specific URLs or company names, then the software library provides information on retrieving all of the available data requested. The Database API will then retrieve said data back to the end user.

Who is the API to get company information meant for?

API’s that provide company information are primarily meant for developers that are interested in building applications and algorithms that require up-to-date and high-quality company data.

Why is Company Database API important?

Company Database API is important because it allows businesses and investors to discover deeper insights about companies quickly and easily. Additionally, many Database APIs offer end-users the ability to filter through any retrieved data. For instance, Coresignal’s Database API can filter specific parametric filters, such as location, industry, size, job title or specific keywords.

What is meant by API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs essentially define and outline how software applications and mixed hardware-software interact with each other. Ultimately, it defines requests and expands the use, functionality, and accessibility between the software and the hardware. 

How to get data from this API?

Getting data from Database API is used through a credit system with multiple filters and search capability. For example, Coresignal’s Database API allows users to input a company name, keyword, or URL and retrieve extensive data in a well structured JSON file.

Does Coresignal offer a free company search API?

Our API can only be accessed by purchasing credits. We also offer one-time paid tests. Please contact us for more information.

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