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New Feature: Retrieve Job Posting Records via Company Data API



June 23, 2022

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We have listened to our clients’ feedback and brought in a new feature.

A new endpoint for job posting data was added alongside employee and company endpoints. Now, in addition to employee and company records, clients will also be able to get job posting records using Company data API. 

This upgrade makes it more convenient to search for and filter job posting records thanks to handy filters such as title, location, company name, domain, industry, and many more.

The best part – with our credit system, search is free. Pay only for the records you care about.

Job posting data consists of data points such as: 

  • Job title 
  • Location 
  • Employment type 
  • Description
  • And more

It can be used to enhance investment intelligence, enable data-driven recruitment, and improve lead generation. Also, with our job posting data, you can extract technographic information about a given company.

There are two job record retrieval endpoints: search and collect. The usage of these data points remains the same as it has always been. The credits, tokens, authorization, and rate limits are the same as with the other company and employee endpoints.

For a free consultation on whether Company data API is right for you, be sure to contact our sales team.

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