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web data extraction

Web data extraction from top public sources

With Coresignal, use our robust APIs to filter and retrieve fresh public web data or buy ready-made raw datasets from top online business sources.

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Powerful public web data APIs

Dataset APIs

With Company API, Employee API, and Jobs API, search & filter employee, company, and job records to quickly retrieve the records you care about. Search for free, and pay only for what you need. Retrieve data in parsed JSON.

Scraping APIs

Company scraping API, Employee scraping API, and Jobs scraping API are ideal for on-demand retrieval of freshly scraped data records. Simply provide a list of URLs and retrieve 100% fresh records. Get data as parsed JSON.

Pick & combine public data from top sources

Largest Professional Network

Data from the largest professional network consists of more than 714M records. Company, employee and job posting data provides you with various data points on companies and professionals.



Glassdoor data consists of more than 82M records. Reviews by employees and firmographic data with data points like ratings, pros, and cons allow you to evaluate companies.



AngelList data consists of more than 17M records and various data points, such as company name, market, total raised funding, and more.



Over 4M Crunchabse data records about startups and professionals provide you with data points reflecting general company information, funding, and more.



Over 1M G2 records with data points like product name, reviews, market size, etc. allow you to generate valuable insights about products.



Owler data consists of over 6M records and provides you with data points like name, location, headcount, revenue, founding date, industry, and more.



GitHub data consists of over 67M records and provides you with data points such as the developer's username, location, hireability, projects' information, and more.



Indeed jobs and firmographic data consists of over 85M records and provides you with data points from job postings, such as job title, location, description, company reviews, etc.

docker hub

Docker Hub

Docker Hub data consists of over 2M records and provides you with data points such as location, company, repository information, and more.

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Stay ahead of the game with fresh web data

Coresignal's data helps companies achieve their goals

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Product Hunt

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Why Coresignal?

Parsed data

Boost your data-driven insights with parsed, ready-to-use data delivered in multiple formats.

Rich datasets

Coresignal's raw datasets include 627M member and 93M company public profiles. 

Data accuracy

Coresignal strives to provide you with fresh and accurate public data from high-quality sources. 

Account managers

Get the most out of your data with Coresignal's dedicated account managers. 

Convenient delivery

Regularly updated datasets are delivered in ready-to-use formats for your convenience. 

In the market since 2016

Our team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals.

Unlock new business opportunities with Coresignal. Let’s get in touch.

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